1. Missphat

    Tribute and caption pictures 4 hubby

    My husband has always wanted to see my pictures get tributed and captioned by BBC and ive seen the captioned pictures he looks at..... They are very much on the vulgar filthy side. With that being said 😊 I'm not against it filthy even raunchy have at me fellas😛 show my hubby how you should cum...
  2. alaniasweet

    Some captions or tributes for bride?

  3. D

    Cuckold Captions that I love

  4. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Petite Brunette Girlfriend trying on summer lingerie.

    We’ve been in-active, she says that’s to change. On her request, she asked me to share for you all. I had to oblige, she is after all the boss.
  5. D

    Hotwife Captions for users from here

    I do love captions. Have an idea to create this thread to everyone can post his work. No dick pics, no just nudes - only captions on WWTP members photos. Be sure to tag the photo owner with this sign @ in your post and add watermark on the photo.
  6. 1.jpg


    There's no fighting against nature is there?