1. W

    My boyfriends father seduced me on Christmas Eve.

    (For reference, my boyfriend and I are both 21) Ok so, due to pandemic stuff I stay with my bfs family from time to time, and when I do I stay for like a month or two. And during December, I stayed at his fathers house with him. The whole month I noticed his dad sneaking peeks at me, and even...
  2. W

    Hi I’m Jaclyn! Don’t tell my Boyfriend I’m here ;3

    Hi all! I’m new here, I’ve been around, done some stuff behind my boyfriends back. And I’m here to share stories, get off to and share the feeling of being a cheater with other cheaters. And don’t tell my bf I’m here ;3
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    Before I hopped on my lovers BWC I had to give him a little bit of a show
  4. I

    Can my wife blow you

    She loves sucking cock so much she just had to send me these pics with her best freind while i was at work i wish we could find more people for her to have fun with
  5. Sarah68.jpeg


    My wife Sarah. I think she may be fucking her trainer.
  6. Sidsid

    I know my gf is cheating

    I know it as a fact that my gf is cheating. Just that we haven’t talk about it openly She does have a quickie on her way home, like 3-4 times a week I feel, not sure with who, but many time she will clean up at home sometime may be already cleaned. A couple of time I have had her without...
  7. M

    My unblurred, cheating wife.

    My wife just loves to fuck, I couldn't stop her from seeing other men, so now I just live with it. She's a great fuck, can squeeze your cock with the best of them. Hates condoms.