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  2. Shhp2021

    BWC in Asia / Shanghai

    Any Asian wives want a bwc?
  3. Shhp2021

    31, White Male in China.

    I’m 31 and located in shanghai. White male with decent cock and in shape. Check my profile for pics or pm me. Looking for asian wives/gfs. Send me your pics and I’ll tell you what I’d do to her.
  4. Shhp2021

    Let your Asian wife suck it

    Shanghai China
  5. Shanghaidom88

    An amazing cuckolding experience in Shanghai

    I was exchanging recently with a hotwife and she was asking me how I imagine our first hot encounter, and the role of her husband, so I told her about my best experience: I met an Asian couple in Shanghai, S was an amazingly good looking girl in her 30s - N, her husband, did not look bad...
  6. R

    China Thread

    Based in Beijing. Age 27, Cock 16cm, Banking Industry, Handsome man. Have many overseas experiences. QQ:1148718536