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    I have a medical fetish. Can you answer some questions about my wife?

    She showed up to your home for a physical and you can use any tools at home to check her over. 1) What symptom is she complaining about? 2) What's the first thing you are going to examine? 3) Which household items are you using to inspect her? 4) To end the exam, you are given a syringe and...
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    This is how my wife cums when I lick her clit and suck her juices!
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    They all have the same role in female anatomy, to give and receive pleasure. But each one is exquisite. Each one different in form and configuration. Study them. Treasure them.
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    Studying its complex beauty: its clitoral hood, its clitoris, Labia Majora/Labia Minora, urethral opening (******** hole) the vulva vestibule and its nearby Skene ducts (producing cream during sex, and the perineum and anus. Don't forget the closer her anus is to her vulva, the easier she will cum.
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    Every pussy is beautiful. Every pussy is different. In particular, the distance between the anus and vagina (the perineum) makes a big difference in a woman's sexual performance: If the gap is small, a woman can orgasm much more easily than a woman with a longer perineum.
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    Rate my pussy out of 10 !!

    This is my first upload. Please encourage me with your rating and comment to upload more. How is this and what you wanna do with this little pussy?
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    Rate my pussy

    This is my first upload. Please encourage me to upload more. How is this what you wanna do with this little pussy?
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    Close up of my wife’s pierced clit and bald pussy.