1. Alice again

    Alice again

    simply me, simply nude
  2. H


    Here’s the story! … I’m dying to talk about this.
  3. E1.png


    sweet young thang
  4. E2.png


    another pic of the college cutie neighbor. She was very good at playing my "wind instrument" for sure..
  5. on your mark

    on your mark

  6. W

    Huge Balls

    This Is me. My nuts are massive and I was wondering if any wives or cucks were interested?
  7. G

    My fiancee cheated a bit on me when we firat dated.

    First off this was several years ago and we moved past this. Please no negativity. Ironically covid brought us much closer together and she's been faithful since but here's all the time's my now fiancee cheated when we first dated. 1 - the first night we said I love you. We started as a LDR...
  8. sophie's turn

    sophie's turn

  9. Wife enjoys young college boy from behind

    Wife enjoys young college boy from behind

    Husband helps his wife by putting a young college boy's cock inside his wife's pussy for her. Once he got inside, the husband was told to leave the room and let them play until she was filled with cum.
  10. 71042799-9CB4-4024-A380-121567DDCDE4.jpeg


    Reference pic
  11. Great morning sex!

    Great morning sex!

    Love sex in the morning!
  12. 228neak228

    My dirty slut wife

    Please tell me what you think about my 27 y.o. wife.
  13. C

    College Couples

    Looking for couples in college to cuckhold. Might be interested in MILF's that want a younger stud too...
  14. bgundy32

    College bull seeking in Austin

    Looking to please your wife any way i can. I love giving oral and making my partner feel amazing.
  15. T

    Young 26 year old man looking for a fun couple to have fun

    Hi I’m a young 26 year old college guy located in southern California who is looking to have some fun with a beautiful couple I’m 5 ft 8 inches with a thick dick 136 pounds I have a slight physical disability which is called cerebral palsy which mainly affects . Common questions People ask...

  17. F3342984-7084-4E4B-A644-B07C3ACA43FD.jpeg


    Anybody wife needs some entertainment? College BBC looking to please


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