condom off

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    No no, it was an accident. I I just told you can't rip a condom just by fucking hard... its all lubed.. I was wrong thou
  2. Riding the condom off

    Riding the condom off

    Her pussy gripped so tight it literally pulled the condom off while she was riding him.
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    Came home wasted after a night on the town with my girls. Stripped jumped right into bed and forgot something and my husband found it and sent me this pic when he got to work. How do I get out of this one?
  5. Sarahil

    I need a black dick inside me

    I’m looking for a dick that will help me leave my husband. I’ve hurt him enough where it doesn’t please me anymore. Ps I swallow
  6. D

    Friend's visit makes everyone happy

    I still fondly remember the first time my wife had her pussy filled with another man’s cum, while I sat and watched. It was a Saturday night, and I had invited a mutual friend of ours (whom I shall call Big D) over to join me for a UFC Pay-Per-View events at the local pub. He lived several...