Friend's visit makes everyone happy


Jun 7, 2017
I still fondly remember the first time my wife had her pussy filled with another man’s cum, while I sat and watched.

It was a Saturday night, and I had invited a mutual friend of ours (whom I shall call Big D) over to join me for a UFC Pay-Per-View events at the local pub. He lived several hours away, so his wife was nowhere near us.

Good food and plenty of drinks later, we headed back to my home in the dark.

Unknown to him, I had already found out that he and my wife had been fucking on the sly. In fact, my wife’s sneaky behaviour with him was the primary catalyst in my interest in the hotwife lifestyle. My wife, on the other hand, knew that me inviting him over was merely a ruse to watch them.

Once we arrived home, Big D and I just sat on the couch relaxing. My wife walked in with the shortest little skirt I’d ever seen her wearing. I got up right away, and started passionately kissing her, my hands caressing her all over, but especially cupping her perfect, plump ass.

I looked over her shoulder, and saw Big D staring wide-eyed. With one hand, I motioned for him to come over. He didn’t seem too hesitant, and immediately wrapping his arms around my wife’s waist from behind, pressing his going into her ass, kissing the back of her neck.

Taking my queue, I quickly backed away and sat back down on the couch. My wife spun around in his grasp, facing him, and their lips locked in a deep kiss.

Their embrace finally broke as my wife dropped to her knees, her hands caressing the front of his now very tight jeans. Big D nervously look at me, but seeing me only smiling at him, and giving him a nop, he turned back to my wife just as she freed his rather impressively large cock.

Without hesitation, she immediately took his cock into her mouth as deep as she could possibly take him. I heard him groan loudly, and grabbing the sides of her head, he began to slowly face-fuck her.

However, from the way he was moving, I know he was desperate - he quickly lifted her back onto her feet, and began stripping her. Once she was completely naked, she began to feverishly remove his clothes, too. The two of them stood naked in front of each other, lightly kissing again, while he stroked his erection.

Big D reached into his pile of clothes, and pulled out a condom packet from his jeans. Seems if nothing else, he was at least prepared for sex. Or perhaps he had plans to fuck her regardless of whether I knew and was okay with it. My wife had already told me that he had always worn a condom whenever they played.

Big D helped my wife down onto her back on the floor, he rolled on the condom, held her legs wide, and without any further foreplay, he slowly pushed into her. My wife is extremely tight, and Big D was rather large, so it took several slow tried before he finally managed to get all the way in, each time he thrust forward my wife groaned with pleasure.

A few more slow thrusts, and Big D eventually lost control, and started pounding. All the way out … slamming balls deep with each thrust. The sound of skin slapping against each other, and the sounds of my beautiful wife screaming with delight as she was being impaled over and over again on this man’s cock was the most wonderful thing I’d ever seen.

It was clear Big D didn’t want this to be over too quickly, so he eventually slowed his place, and held my wife close and he slowly keep making small thrusts into her.

She looked over at me, and I mouthed the words “take off his condom” to her, with a little hand gesture to illustrate what I was saying. She raised her eyebrows to me, asking me if I was serious. I winked at her, and she smiled broadly at me.

She turned her head back to Big D, and I heard her whisper “take off the condom”.

He stopped thrusting, lifted himself up a little and looked straight into her eyes and asked “what? Are you sure?”

My wife answered, “yes, I want to finally feel your cock inside me”.

That was all he needed to hear, and pulled out quickly, ripped the condom off, and threw it aside. I saw him line up the top of his cock to my wife’s entrance - he looked at her one more time, perhaps expecting her to change his mind - and then oh so extremely slowly, pushed his raw cock fully into my wife dripping wet pussy, moaning so loudly as he did so. When he was all the way in he just lay there for a minute, enjoying the feel of flesh on flesh. Truly feeling my wife’s pussy for the very first time.

Once more he started thrusting, but now the sound was different. Wetter. Somehow, charged with more passion. He groaned with each thrust, getting faster and faster. Eventually his movements became obviously strained … he was close, and my wife knew it.

Then she said the words I’d hoped she would say.

She whispered in his ear “please cum inside me. Fill me with your cum.”

He didn’t last. One deep, hard push into my wife, and he exploded. “Oh my god!” shouted my wife, as he groaned loudly.

He stayed on top of her … buried deep inside her … for a few minutes, before finally rolling off to the side. I knew he hadn’t had any sex for quite a while (based on our drunken chats earlier in the evening), and it definitely showed. My wife’s tight little pussy simply couldn’t hold it all in, and his cum flowed from her freely.

What a gorgeous sight!

He stayed the night with us. I finally left the two of them alone to enjoy each other as they wanted. The next morning, my wife told me he had cum inside her pussy 3 more times that night, and once in her mouth.

I love my wife!