1. jonlewis66

    I get a real kick out of showing my wife

    Love showing my wife off she is a true exhibitionist too not wearing panty's on public transport and flashing i work away and encourage her hope you like
  2. IMG_2470.MOV


    My wife
  3. Wife enjoys young college boy from behind

    Wife enjoys young college boy from behind

    Husband helps his wife by putting a young college boy's cock inside his wife's pussy for her. Once he got inside, the husband was told to leave the room and let them play until she was filled with cum.
  4. 🐂

    Hello all.. Cincinnati Ohio here.

    Anyone else from this area? Cincinnati/Dayton/NKY
  5. D

    gorgeous Lily Flowers

    Married or not I'm always ready to fuck anywhere anytime (and anyone)
  6. Maximust

    Bull Looking for hot wife

    you can watch, or film if you want... happy to send pics for those interested. I’m 32 and attractive ;-)
  7. W

    How many of your wife’s have been with a younger guy and what was the age difference?

    How many of your wife’s have been with a younger guy and what was the age difference? Just wondering because I think I want to explore my fantasies play some older woman and not someone my age like in this picture(was my ex)
  8. K

    Young and very handsome 25y old boy, looknig for longer relation with older couple.

    I especially looking for 40+ to cuckold relationship. I will be a hot lover for your wife. Girls tell me im sweet and pretty boy, my penis is big enough i think (6,6"). Im also well builded and skinny. 175cm high and 68kg weight. Im from Poland, feel free to message me.
  9. Clean Up Boy

    Our second play date with our new Bull

    *Please look up my name Clean Up Boy to read about our first playdate! Our second play date had arrived. Our new young hung Bull arrived on time as usually, clean, smelling good, and more relaxed now. We started again with drinks and chat to get the mood going while watching a MILF movie. Not...
  10. Pistil

    I took his cherry

    At my age it is unusual for me to say I encountered something new, but even I can be surprised by what fate may throw at us. For the record, I am a Cougar, a consummate cougar and I love it. Youth when accompanied by enthusiasm and with luck some skills and imagination is what keeps me feeling...
  11. Pistil

    The Wine Bar Encounter, part three

    "Oh yes, and I have a gift for you, come quickly!" I scanned the room, my panties, bra and dress where by the side of the bed, my dress had landed near the door.The bed was a mess, wrinkled and undone and I was in even worse shape. I inventoried the damage in the side mirror, my neck and chest...
  12. Pistil

    The Wine Bar Encounter, part two

    I am not in the mood for young chicks, I need a woman, a real woman And I think I found one. I hit the lotto too I thought to myself, this young, good looking and eager guy. I am going to make the best of this. I saw his eyes drift from my face to my belly, it felt good, my belly lurched, I...
  13. Pistil

    The Wine Bar encounter

    Lying in bed, chatting with my husband, I confessed that as much fun as it is to meet other couples, I miss the feeling of being pursued, of being wanted, to be seduced. Online hookups just don’t fill those needs. We decided to seek a chance encounter and the only venue we thought might lend...
  14. Pistil

    Bliss and guilt, part two

    Noticing his embarrassment, I leaned forward, touched his face and smiling said “It’s Okay, I’m flattered”. I was enjoying toying with him, I uncrossed, then re-crossed my legs, making sure the gown slipped a bit and gave him a good look at my thighs, exposing the pale skin in contrast with the...
  15. Pistil

    Bliss and guilt part one

    I have to get this off my chest: I did something and now I have mixed feelings. I feel fantastic and guilty, mostly I feel like a pervert! Let me tell you what happened this weekend. I belong to a group of women who meet once a month to wine, dine, chat, and in general have a good time. This...
  16. Pistil

    Restaurant games

    I hade made friends with this guy on Tinder, he is a 26 year old graduate student in Austin. Should you ever come across my profile on that site you would see that I make it clear that I am married and my husband is part of the game. We arranged to meet at a restaurant close to the hotel where...
  17. hangingfromabove


    underneath me
  18. cuckolddick

    Reintroducing Kathy as I have been a little inactive

    Her pics...
  19. cuckolddick

    Is she still worthy of a big cock

    Has two grow kids and wondering if I can find some big bulls to use her; but not sure due to her age if she is still big cock worthy?
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