1. Posing with hubby

    Posing with hubby

  2. Doing what she does best!

    Doing what she does best!

  3. Her body!

    Her body!

  4. _20220512_200418.JPG


    The two of us, about to have some fun!
  5. Passion

    My increasing fantasy..

    So I class myself as bi, I was in a relationship with a girl with about 8 months before I met my now husband, I've had a couple of threesomes a number of yrs ago which included another women... but more and more I feel the need to be with a women again. Does anyone else feel like this??
  6. F

    How can i convince my wife to have sex with others?

    Hello, I am 32 years old from Iran and I have been married for ten years. I would love to be a cuckold and I wish my wife would work as a prostitute. It is not for money. I really like she fuck with other guys. How can i push her to have sex with others? Several times I was able to convince her...
  7. canwebnauti

    Seeking cuckold couple in NY area

    Luv to sexy chat and meet.
  8. P

    New member in Washington DC

    Hi all, nice to meet everyone. I am a 30yr old male in Washington DC, posting with the knowledge of my 27yr old fiancee. We are both white and pretty HWP, little on the chubbier side but both very active and nothing crazy. Anyone here from the DMV or within reasonable distance of DC? We are...
  9. raydiamond

    anyone in egypt around here ?

    hello people, im new around here looking for some hot adventures in Egypt or Europe. feel free to ask me anything
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  11. D5C022F0-A26A-45EF-963A-2DE8F0207F1A.jpeg


    My hotwife! Wed love to find another bi woman or couple to play w us in southern indiana
  12. R&Rlove

    SoCal Couple looking for M or F for first 3some

    Looking for a good match for us. Not trying to jump into anything and would like someone willing to make a trip to join us in a hotel in Vegas for a night or 2 of fun. The goal is to surprise the wife with an extra guest. This will be our first time doing something like this. I would like to...
  13. R

    Any nice women want to invite me over?

    Looking for women to play
  14. Pussy.jpg


  15. Cunt Licking.jpg

    Cunt Licking.jpg

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  17. 69.jpg


  18. naturalcucky

    I wish my wife had such a lover!

    My wife would have an elderly single boss. My wife work for him so he use it whenever he wanted. He come to us spontaneously whenever he want. My wife and I do whatever he wants. He would be a kinky, imaginative man. My wife would do anything for him like a hooker because her salary would be...
  19. Hotwife0893

    Weymouth, Massachusetts Hotwife

    Hey all, New here and my name is Sarah. Im a married Hotwife of 10 years and me and hubby are always down to share me with the right guy. If youre interested in meeting me dont be afraid to hmu here. Hopefully ill be seeing some of you soon. 😘 ~Sarah
  20. Sahil_261

    Indian 24 Bull here

    Hey, I'm 24 Indian bull residing in India, & travel to dubai sometimes. I'm looking for hotwifes, gf , couples who love sharing. I can travel.