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    I fucked a friend’s wife and she left the evidence for him

    I fucked a friend’s wife and she left the evidence for him. I met this guy when I started a new job, we hit it off, became friends and hung out at work all the time. We always planned on getting together on the weekend for some beers but it was always hard to set up as he had 2 kids and a...
  2. Creampied wife

    Creampied wife

    A picture I received when she was on a vacation with "friends"
  3. Hot wife

    Hot wife

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  4. kinkystroker

    How much would you pay for Ruby?

    How Much would you pay to play with Ruby?
  5. D

    Mfm fantasy changed when wife’s friend accepted invite

    After my wife revealed her biggest taboo fantasy is having 2 guys fuck and cum inside her. After some role play and some discussions I suggested we make it happen. I could tell she was holding back her excitement. We were immediately faced with the problem of who we would want to ask. We came...
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  7. Slut wife

    Slut wife

    Wife’s text while at bulls
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    Me fucking a friend's 38yr old wife here in the UK part 4
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  11. 2023-07-24 150814.png

    2023-07-24 150814.png

  12. 2023-07-24 150702.png

    2023-07-24 150702.png


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    She confessed to being a hotwife

    The first time we had a conversation about her activities was a few summers ago. She likes to tan down at the neighborhood pool. She told me about how a young guy kept flirting with her. We are in our 40’s and she said that he was young enough to be our son. “It’s cute” she said. Well she tend...
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