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  1. The Corset .mp4

    The Corset .mp4

    A short erotic film starring Angelina
  2. Angelina Pussy Cum.jpg

    Angelina Pussy Cum.jpg

  3. K

    Wife selfie

    She did a selfie for you, like?
  4. jw_kk

    My Wife's "Sensual" Gang-bang

    There is really nothing like watching your wife being pleasured by multiple hard cocks... We’re both more or less recovered from the event, now almost two weeks ago, but my wife’s “sensual gang-bang” was a stellar, incredible success. I have never experienced my wife enjoying so much orgasmic...
  5. valleymoresomes

    Looking back on our first time bring another man into the bedroom

    I have been looking to share this story for some time now, just never knew where to tell it, and being new members here I thought it fitting to share it here with you all. This all took place a few years ago, and we have had many more encounters but the first is always the most exciting...
  6. Home video with creampie cleaning

    Home video with creampie cleaning

    Home video with creampie cleaning
  7. oral sex on webcam

    oral sex on webcam

  8. 1sweetcouple

    Glad to be in this supportive environment.

    Hello and am glad to be a new member here. I love seeing all this information and hopefully will learn that I am not alone and more normal than I knew. I posted a question about my wife trying out being a submissive to a dom couple. New territory and concerned, any advice will be welcome. Thank you.
  9. Mr Deadbird

    Cuckold Personalized Comics I made hope you like them.

    Ok so I'm an Adult artist and I'm releasing a New comic based on Tania a Girl I dated in my years of college. She was this nice sweet petite latina gril with huge boobs. She was crazy about sex and about older guys. I saw mails of her talking to a forenge guy who was gonna visit the country and...