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  1. Take me

    Take me

  2. Creamy fuck bb

    Creamy fuck bb

    Wife takes stranger for the first time and creams over he’s cock until he leaves her with a creampie
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  4. Tight


    Never shared, maybe this is the summer
  5. H

    My gf got creampied in front of me

    It all started one night when we were both drunk in our front yard hanging out with an old friend. I knew he was very well endowed because he had flopped his dick out on the table in the kitchen ten to fifteen minutes prior. He and I were outside hanging out and then she comes walking up and...
  6. img.jpg


    He's worked hard and now his job is done.
  7. Indianking21


    Any bulls in the Florida area available from mid July to mid August... My wife is gonna be there but I won't... I'll need someone to take care of her. Private message me please thanks...
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    When you can feel proud of what you've achieved.
  9. A

    Couple Meath

    Couple based in Meath(Ireland) looking for a bull. We can travel if we find the right person.
  10. HTwyffun

    Stroke to wife’s chat with bull about fucking!

    Cuckolds and stags who like to stroke to messages between bull and wife.
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    Kathie fucked him bareback he promised to pull out but he shot his load deep in her married cunt.
  13. hes doing it .mp4

    hes doing it .mp4

    nice couple meet by chance he likes watching
  14. Break after a little fun.JPG

    Break after a little fun.JPG

    Another pic of my Hotwire friend Eleanore.
  15. W

    First time cuckold

    Hello, I'm new here but I have always fantasized about my wife fucking an old man no condom and him cumming deep in her. It makes me so fucking hard and I really want to ask her and I'm just wondering what the first time is like and how did you ask your wife? Because my cock is throbbing right...
  16. Finding his load

    Finding his load

    Pussy full of cum
  17. She wants his load

    She wants his load

    I absolutely love to cum in white pussy..
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    Creamie Pie
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  20. Karsten

    We need a bull. Knock her up