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    Wife and bull
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    Wife and bull
  3. P

    Cum eating cuckold

    Any suggestions for real creampie eating cuckold porn
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  5. Screen Shot 2021-11-28 at 7.36.23 AM.png

    Screen Shot 2021-11-28 at 7.36.23 AM.png

    Your view of your wife when you walk through the bedroom door
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    My turn after a thick cock, just filled her up!
  7. B

    Asian couple temporarily in UK

    New to here. Looking for handsome guy to fulfill my fantasy (voyeuring and jerking off to her without her knowing) In longer term even real meet & threesome her. She is very conservative & I need to do it step by step, may take quite a long time. She likes younger & handsome guys though. Here...
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    Friends Wife’s dripping as she sucks me
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    Throwback neighbors wife
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  11. T

    Cucked by lesbian

    Hey all, just wondering if anyone has a similar fetish as me. Although I’m into the idea of being cucked, I think the full jump is a bit far for both myself and my 20-something wife for now. I have a particular relatively more comforting fantasy about her being fucked by a lesbian woman with...
  12. Wife with a couple new friends

    Wife with a couple new friends

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  15. My wife

    My wife

    Getting turned on thinking of other cocks
  16. WILL7565

    Blk male 37 South Carolina

    Looking to see if it’s gf/wife in South Carolina on this site
  17. btweets

    Can’t wait till this Monday!! At least I think I am anyway, what do you think??

    So I have a date to meet up with a couple this Monday and I’m really looking forward to it and getting excited about the whole thing. Good looking couple and the wife is gorgeous and has a hot body! At first when we began emailing each other and then decided to hook up, he was wanting the...
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  19. B

    Trib my hottt wife

    Love to see my wife tribbed. Message if you would like to see more of her.
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    Bull Looking for hot wife

    you can watch, or film if you want... happy to send pics for those interested. I’m 32 and attractive ;-)