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    Any Arab Cuckold?

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  2. Wife playing with stranger at gloryhole, cuck have to watch Part 4

    Wife playing with stranger at gloryhole, cuck have to watch Part 4

  3. D

    Mfm fantasy changed when wife’s friend accepted invite

    After my wife revealed her biggest taboo fantasy is having 2 guys fuck and cum inside her. After some role play and some discussions I suggested we make it happen. I could tell she was holding back her excitement. We were immediately faced with the problem of who we would want to ask. We came...
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    Bulls like pancakes?

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  5. JC Teasing part 2.mp4

    JC Teasing part 2.mp4

    JC teasing part 2: this is is the aftermath :)
  6. JC doggy.mp4

    JC doggy.mp4

    After 2 rounds her hubby had his turn but finished early and she wanted one more I went in again for a creampie. Passion is off the charts.
  7. C

    1st time!

    just had an amazing night. My wife and I have been discussing and planning this for several months... almost a year. we both wanted it, both were very excited, but it was a lot more planning than we realized. our goal was to have a hot guy fuck my wife while I watch. Then he cums on her face...
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    Anydesk Control

    Hi. I like hosting pic and vid showing of my girlfriend. Sometimes if I like someone I let that person poke trough the files as he or she pleases. If you'd like that drop me a message and I'll give you the code.
  9. Bbs Supreme

    Bbs Supreme

    Hubby vs bull
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  11. M

    Hi guys. This is my bitch. how is it? 😍

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    Uk wife..45

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    The truth about Hotwives & their Cuckold Husbands ...

    You're awesome & I love you ! It's just a shame about your cock.
  16. Cuck Husband watching Wife enjoy Huge Cock

    Cuck Husband watching Wife enjoy Huge Cock

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