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    Wife won't let me fuck her ass but sent this vid of her doing anal with my bf
  2. JayReady

    How do I get her BACK into it?

    Hey guys and girls, my 28 yo gf and I (same age) experimented with cucking and just having her fuck other dudes in the past but she denies liking it now (even though i know she loved it, the moaning in the videos is proof enough) and says she’s not interested anymore. however! When we drink*...
  3. JayReady

    She went back for seconds!

    So my gf and I have been dating over a year now. We’re both 27. About 6 months into the relationship we played a game of truth or dare. This game was very sexual and became increasingly risky as the hours past. We were quite high and drunk. She then proposed the “dare of all dares”. Which was...
  4. A

    Real hotwifing experience

    NFSW - A real recent hotwifing incident Hello, So we are a couple...shes in her 30s and I am in my 40s (Not married to each other). We have shared a super hot relationship so far and the sex has been mindblowing. I introduced her to hotwife stuff by talking about how I would find it...
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    Horny and ready
  6. M

    My girlfriend wants to squirt while the bull insults my baby dick

    Caught my GF fucking the hell out of herself to some bbc porn yesterday and I mean she came hard. So I told her she could fuck a bbc but only if he insults my little cock we also are semi BI and I would like to suck it so I can taste her pussy cream and so forth no fucking tho just blowing. She...