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    My wife for bbc in Southern California

    What do you think of her? Who would like to meet and fuck her?
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    Southern California Mature Stag

    Hi Couples, I have been in this lifestyle for many years and have found that if guys, would let their woman have one on one time with her bull the first time so she can get all her jitters out with out worrying that your watching her. You will get what you want much faster. You can do this by...
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    I took his cherry

    At my age it is unusual for me to say I encountered something new, but even I can be surprised by what fate may throw at us. For the record, I am a Cougar, a consummate cougar and I love it. Youth when accompanied by enthusiasm and with luck some skills and imagination is what keeps me feeling...
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  6. D

    Wife Meeting Former Lover Next Week

    Next weekend’s plans are made. Stacey is going to meet her former lover at a resort near Sarasota. We’ve stayed (and played) there before so it will be familiar. She’s spent the past couple of weeks dieting and has a hair and pedicure appointment this week. She told me he wants her bare so she’s...
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    My GIF album of things I've done and like to do with my wife.

    Hey, hope you enjoy these hot little gifs, feel free to comment. Maybe I'll make some gifs from vids of the wife.
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    thick young latina wife

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    Discovering my cuckold side

    I had a wife sharing fantasy for many, many years, but it was just that...wife sharing. The cuckolding side never appealed to me and I would always get very defensive whenever someone would call me a cuck. But that all changed when I found out that my wife had been cheating on me. I know...
  10. F

    Alpha Best Friend Steals Girl and Cucks Me (Grand Finale)

    Right before she burst through JT quickly grabbed the remote controlled stereo and pressed the play button which caused Ted Nugent's Stranglehold to begin. My heart began to beat really fast and I started sweating. She walked through those doors, waltzing up to us and stood before us in this...
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    Alpha Best Friend Steals Girl and Cucks Me Part III

    She looked so hot, Oh My God. My breathe was taken away, all my blood rushing into my penis. She was wearing a super tight, bright- red t-shirt. She had actually cut her hair a bit shorter but it looked super sexy. She had hair like Jaclyn from Charlie's Angels in this picture but just down...
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    Alpha Best Friend Steals Girl and Cucks Me Part II

    Caught off guard and embarrassed, I was shocked by their entrance into my room more shocked and terror stricken that JT was interacting with Victoria who I didn't know he had met. At the initial sight of seeing them together, it was like every negative emotion of anxiety and inferiority...
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    Alpha Best Friend Steals Girl and Cucks Me

    The Story of How My Best Friend Humiliated Me in Front of the Girl of My Dreams and Made Me Watch Them Have Passionate Sex JT and I had been friends since the 4th Grade. Now we're adults with careers and have graduated from college. I have straight, combed-over brown hair, greenish-grey eyes...
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    Before and After nude wife pics

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    Fuck my GF in Portland while I hide bbc only

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    wife, former bf and me, in our home

    At first, I want to start by saying that both my wife and I are bi, after dating and being with partners together and each on his own, we decided to get married, and start our married life. One night, just a couple of months after we got married, a former bf of hers, who is also bi, and hung...
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    More of sister

    More of her
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    Dirty cuck talk

    I'm new here. I'm interested in sharing an audio recording of my fiance talking to me about her having sex with other guys while were having sex.
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    Big White cock vs little asian cock
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    23 year old bull looking to talk to hotwives or girlfriends

    Hello there. I don't know how much interest there is in a thing like this but I'm a 23 year old guy who is willing willing to perform as an online bull who your wife/gf can message when you are/aren't there so if you are interested just reply to this or send me a private message. I think this is...