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    My family is rich and my mother is a b-list tv personality and plus-size model in my country. Last winter me, my mother and her personal trainer went to a luxurious hotel in Alpes France. There I saw my mother getting dominated by her bald personal trainer and got the stiffest erection of my...
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    It's a "CuckMaster's" world!!

    I have been a dom/cuckmaster for well over 30 years, now. In fact, I got into cuckoldry without even knowing, at the time, what I was actually getting into. 30 years ago, the internet was still in it's infancy, so I used to put an ad in publications such as The London Weekly Advertiser and the...
  4. Arabic hot wife 4 share.jpg

    Arabic hot wife 4 share.jpg

    Arab wife
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    Love to see guys tribute to my wifes big tits. Videos or pics x

    Love to see guys tribute to my wifes big tits. Videos or pics x
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  7. TheDrkKnight

    Gone Wrong Stories

    Id love to hear some of the "gone wrong" stories from husbands or even wives after sharing your partner for the first time. I find these stories interesting a even beneficial for others! Maybe the bull overstepped their boundaries and the cuck got mad and it caused a huge argument? Or the...
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    Esposa masturbandose

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