1. Riding across the room

    Riding across the room

  2. FFD21449-B609-40EF-A77D-77BE040ED8FB.jpeg


    Getting ready to find me a cuck couple at Las Vegas. Could I spot them out? Hehe
  3. H

    Your wife/gf can handle bwc or bbc? Add her pics lets vote and discuss.

    Hi lots of men thinking to share her wife\gf with bwc or bbc. Can they handle or suits bbc? Share esp ass doggy bendover pics lets vote, rate and discuss.
  4. Hannah snyder

    Looking for some partners to get to know.

    Hello I am looking for some fun people to get to know and maybe get to know really really well. Let me know if your interested.
  5. MrRightBull

    Lifestyle Traits

    Hello everyone, I am new to the lifestyle and I am still learning. I wanted to ask you more experienced Cucks, Wife’s, Bulls what are life style traits that one can pick up in public about people in this type of lifestyle, and what role they might play? When I talk to every day people, I want to...
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  7. M

    Would love to see a tribute

    Hi new to the forum, Been into cuckolding for a while now, even though I never was cucked before, though my wifes knows my desires and has come close to doing so. I love sharing her pics and enjoy the compliments. Glad to be a part if the site.
  8. Cum get some of her ass

    Cum get some of her ass

    She says it’s enough to go around
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    chubby curvy cuckold wife
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    chubby curvy cuckold wife
  11. amateur hotwife serves multiple cocks.mp4

    amateur hotwife serves multiple cocks.mp4

    hotwife lifestyle made her a totally Slutwife whore
  12. getting in out of it

    getting in out of it

  13. fuck me

    fuck me

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  15. Petitehotwife4BBC gets her brains fucked out by favorite hun.mp4

    Petitehotwife4BBC gets her brains fucked out by favorite hun.mp4

    Petitehotwife Emmy from London gets fucked to loud moany multi-Os by BBC bull, filmed by cuck.
  16. hermano33s

    bi sub husband !?

    Am dominant bull ! I enjoy controlling cuckolds and enjoy all their private life details ! recently i started to enjoy the idea of fuckin the cuck too ! and enjoy his body and sexual beauty ! BiSub Cuckolds feel free to pm me !
  17. BG1891

    Add to the collection she looks and watches while she fucks me

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  19. OntarioCouple

    Chat with us?

    Hello. We’re new here and to this lifestyle. So far it is fantasy that the Mrs. (35) fucks a man in front of me, with me possibly joining in if everyone is comfortable. In theory she is looking for about 7.5-8” with some decent girth to help stretch her out a bit. We’d love to chat with someone...
  20. O

    She made me use a strap on while she video chatted with men with MUCH bigger cocks.

    She got so many men off last night, while cumming many times herself. Kind of frustrating to watch men and your girl get off while your cock goes unused lol… A clip from our show last night: edit: clip corrupted trying to fix…