1. C

    Your on-demand cuck

    Looking to join couple and be a cuck of service to help you both out. If you need a cuck for your pleasure sometimes, please reply. 43//M/IL
  2. uvuweweweosas

    Non bi cucks, thoughts on wife's bull fucking you ?

    I'm a straight typical 4 inch cuck(pansexual interested) . Wife has been sleeping with ex for 2 years and i clean up his cum . On occasions i suck him and prepare for my wife but i don't enjoy sucking,just the humiliation . Wife recently suggested his bull to tie us both ad fuck us in turns ...
  3. ckcpl


    private one, comments welcome
  4. Homemade Sex Party.mp4

    Homemade Sex Party.mp4

    What do you think of our threesome MMF?
  5. Rschrmac

    TX Bull

    Attractive, Professional, Well Educated, and Experienced Bull. I want an ongoing relationship with a sexy hot wife. I’m in North Dallas, let’s talk and connect.
  6. sharingmywife90

    My bday on Monday wife agreed to let me share her - Located in SoCal

    hey all new members here. My birthday, big 30, is on Monday and I told my wife I want to see her shared as my gift. She agreed to it so now we are here looking. Have played around before will be first time she gets fucked though.
  7. Flanter23

    Wives/gfs in the act of chucking you

    Let's see the pics of your partner cucki g you either in person or not. Bj, doggy hand jobs, threesomes, work colleagues etc.....
  8. H


  9. Little Dick Hand Job

    Little Dick Hand Job

  10. simonward

    Playing With Fire - The real life experience of a guy trying to coax a faithful, loving, wife into cuckoldry.

    The Christmas Party - 20/12/19 Sarah wore her anklet to the party. I told her that I love it when she wears it. She doesn’t know what it means. She’s aware of a connotation to swinging but she dismisses it. My heart was racing, back in the summer, when she asked me to buy it for her. I had half...
  11. Flanter23

    The start of my experience

    To start with she had been flirting with an D sending nudes to people from back home, she'd been arranging to meet when she went back to her home town for a family wedding. I was logged into her Facebook and WhatsApp, and née her SC pass, so I was watching live when she spoke to them. She had...
  12. C


  13. P

    Cuckold fantasy

    It’s been a couple of years since I started to have this fantasy about my wife fucking other men. It all started slowly by asking her to dirty talk during sex. In the last two years or so, while fucking, she seems to enjoy being called a slut and a whore. She also seems to get extra wet when she...
  14. Proud cumslut

    Proud cumslut

  15. B

    Bull at home: during and after sex

    When the bull spends your night at home do you prefer to watch him fuck his wife or just prefer to hear them having sex? Do you play a role during or after sex like clean-up or massage? At bedtime do you prefer to sleep with the bull and wife or leave them alone? What was the best experience you...
  16. DarquesPassion

    Eva's hubby wants comments from al

    Thread deleted
  17. zarywe

    new asian cuck, advice needed

    Hey all, my wife and I are an Asian couple in our late 20s based in Shanghai, China. I didn't even know I had this desire in me until after marriage, but it's def a burning desire of mine right now to watch my wife orgasm on another man. I know everyone thinks of their wives as the most...
  18. DarquesPassion

    The ultimate cuckolding symbolism.......

    ....having a bull fuck your wife in a condom.....and then, symbolically, mixing your wedding rings with his bull spunk!! What could be more touching?? Anybody able to share similar experiences?? Pray tell!!!
  19. C

    Los Angeles BiCouple Seeking First Bull

    22 yo hotwife and husband seeking first bull experience, message for more info
  20. HungSocalBull