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  1. pksm1432

    Suggest some risky and exciting hotwife and exhibition dares

    Okay guysss.....we are now thinking of some risky and exciting hotwife and exhibition dares...... So start suggesting in this thread guys ......we will start picking at guys will see the clicks and snaps at random which will make you Fap 😉😉
  2. funcpl22

    Any bulls in NRW, Germany?

    Any young bull here based in Dusseldorf or surrounding areas in Germany? We are new to wife sharing/cuckold lifestyle and seeking a bull to join us. Asian couple here. Both in mid 30s.
  3. Asian wife getting bwc

    Asian wife getting bwc

    White bull stretching asian wife pussy. Stuffing her asian pussy with honor
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    Out tonight on a fishing trip
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    My wife teasing her bull
  7. A selfie every man dreams of

    A selfie every man dreams of

  8. P

    A phone call I'd love/hate to receive

    This is a jack off fantasy I had this morning after my wife left for work. It was inspired largely by my post yesterday about my sister-in-law coming to stay with us for a while and how it might inspire a cucking. Hope you enjoy. My phone rings. It's my wife calling. I pick up with my...
  9. MRXXX

    My little girl wants to try a strange feeling

    hello we have known each other for 3 years have tried different kinds of sex but one day she told me that she wants to try having sex with other men especially older men i mean size 30 and up looks like daddy. At first I heard a little bit of shock, but after thinking and trying, when I saw her...
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    like my wife? want to fuck her in front of me?
  11. P

    Wife going on a girls night out tonight.

    My wife is going on a girls night out tonight. She was trying on a few dresses yesterday and modelled a strapless blue dress that totally exposes her shoulders and shows plenty of thigh. No pic of her sorry, she doesn't know I'm on here but the closest approximation I can find is below. Of...
  12. brian4144

    Wife scared to play for real

    Need advice on if my wife will ever be ready. My wife is always at her most horny when we roleplay cuckold or hotwife fantasies. She has said she would like to do it for real but was not ready for the big step. Then she bonded with one of my friends who she is really attracted to and was up for...
  13. R

    A Fantasy to become a reality one day

    Yeah it is sometimes very difficult if you are into any fantasy and you are not able to do it due to some different reasons like culture restrictions . Since my marriage I have been thinking about watching my wife with another guy specially white on to really bang her good while I watch . I...
  14. Desibullindubai

    Pakistani bull wait for cuck couple in abudhabi

    34 male experienced guy in abidhabi already fuck one pakistani aaand filipinaa lady fuck in front of there husbands fore reference i am attach one video gf file where i am fuck this filipina lady
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    My Wife having sex with my friend
  16. fitmassagetherapist

    Sensual Erotical massage and happy end for your wife

    Im REAL LIVE BULL with ENOUGH EXPRIENCES, I will travel to Vietnam for couple weeks holiday but did not decide to where in Vietnam yet. What Im looking more than just rent escort and banging them. I WANNA MEET couples who are ASIANS OR MIX COUPLE where lady tiny ASIAN HOTWIFES. I see some MATURE...
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    I want to watch my wife getting fucked by a big white cock

    would you make her cum on your big white cock ?
  18. S

    Our First Cuckold Experience

    Our first cuckold experience This is story telling about our cuckold life. We are young couple of age 24. We are not married yet but engaged and still living separately. So this cuckold thing started when I was in my age 22. Accidentally I watched cuckold porn video. Then I got very excited...
  19. S

    So your skill photoshop my girl

    Lets see who does the best photoshop
  20. R

    Asian Countries Folks?

    We are from Hyderabad, India.