cuckold couple

  1. D

    Meine Frau

    Hier in Anfang von meiner Frau. Kommentare sehr erwünscht.
  2. cuckoldinhiding34

    New to the group. Check out my wife

    Check out my wife and let me know what you think.
  3. Hotblondewife

    Wife Log

    Thought I'd start a thread for us to compare notes - Just pop down the details for your wife/ Girlfriend's history before you met her.. might give new comers an idea of what to look for in a good hot-wife. Her is her back story Her 1st Fuck - Age and story - She was 16, with 25 year old...
  4. BigMarcus6969

    Tell me about ur BBC fantasy

    58155815 Would love to hear from white woman who want to ask me anything about BBC and the fascination with the black cock v white cock theory58125812
  5. R

    What would you do to my sexy wife?

    This is my first post really turns my sexy little blonde wife on to hear what guys would wanna do to her so post or message and be descriptive and lets make her tight little pussy wet. Thanks!
  6. C

    Anyone willing to tribute for us?

    Here are some pics to use if interested ;) she loves receiving tributes of all kind (links below), we read through them before we go to "sleep" Clean Pics (More will come as we get comfortable) - These are all images submitted by other people: Previous Tributes -...
  7. pearnoise

    How to get in a role of bi submissive cuckold, being a strong willed stubborn male

    Hello everyone, I have a question. Last summer I met a girl through internet,who was interested in cuckold/hotwife relationship. She was into it for long time with former boyfriend, who used to find her lovers, and watch them have her, while in chastity device himself. So, she asked me am I...
  8. Elene


  9. jynxedmickey

    handing out a mickey

    Hi all!!!! We are an open minded couple, and have been in this lifestyle for about four years. We are adventurous and like trying new things. For example, we have a "f**kit list", and looking for the right person or people to work on the list with us. She's more of a sub with a wild side...
  10. LuckyStrike

    VERIFIED Well, hello guys. here are our verification pics.

    Here we are trying to get our verification in the thirst for new adventures =)