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  1. T

    Pizza or delivery dares

    Hi sexy couples, I would love to hear your story about flashing to the delivery guy. If you have pictures its a huuuuuge bonus for me:) If any couple able to do it in the future i would love to know and get updated every single step..i don't know why but it makes me like wowww..:) Please...
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    How will use this Indian Slutwife with your friends?

    Hi All, I am relatively new here. But some of you might already know her from here or other platforms. Her fans and bfs made sure to make her a webslut. Well we can't do much in lockdown. Jaaz had few of her flings and me too. We liek to see more of us as Stag n Vixen And this year we thought of...
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    An amazing experience

    A couple of days ago I had the most incredible sexual experience watching my girlfriend have hot, intense sex with her new man. When we started sharing her with other men we never had any intentions of getting involved with breeding. A few weeks ago I wasn't too comfortable with how things were...
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    dare to Show your Hotwife before and after she had another dick.