cuckold wife

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    My chubby hotwife milf
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    My husband is just filming.
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  4. JC doggy.mp4

    JC doggy.mp4

    After 2 rounds her hubby had his turn but finished early and she wanted one more I went in again for a creampie. Passion is off the charts.
  5. JC Close to finish.mp4

    JC Close to finish.mp4

    3rd Date with JC riding hard closing in to finish. Her husband was telling her to stay for another creampie.
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    Tribute , Caption or Fake my Wife

    No limits :cool:
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    What would you do with my wife?

  8. First wedding anniversary

    First wedding anniversary

    It was a night of many first, 2. BBC, DP, VG,bareback, creampie squirting orgasms
  9. L

    Wife Receives "Different" Massage With My Approval

    I’ll offer this true story of how my wife and I experienced wife sharing (I don’t like the term ‘cuckold’ as to me it denotes a weakness or inferiority aspect on the husband. I am not insecure and my cock is well above average). My wife — we’ll call her Heather — is a well-preserved 54 years...
  10. J

    My Cheating Alcoholic Wife Destroyed Our Marriage

    My story starts and ends not so well. I had been married to Laura for nearly 10 years and for at least 5 of those she had been a stay-at-home alcoholic. As a result of back surgery after a car accident five years into our marriage, she got addicted to opioids, then turned to alcohol when her...
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    Conservative, Shy Wife To Cum-Filled Slut In One Evening

    This is the true story of an event that radically changed our love life. It took place at our home approximately 12 years ago. My wife Karen is so shy and conservative, she won’t even talk about sex. She is a cute 5’4” tall and around 125 lbs with smallish 34B tits topped with large conical...
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    Who wants in that bed?
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    Love seeing her enjoying herself
  14. Happy Blackmas for the wife last night

    Happy Blackmas for the wife last night

    We enjoyed an unexpected session with a bbc we have met on many occasions, he stayed over to make sure she got all she wanted for Christmas
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    Hotwife Abssis
  16. Realising your wife is in love with BBC

    Realising your wife is in love with BBC

    They made love in front of me for several hours and was in total awe and pride of the way she enjoyed herself in front of me, its was an honour to watch
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  18. inkedangels

    Whats the biggest turn on for husband?

    For its just watching my wife enjoy herself and be enjoyed in return. She is a totally different person, her whole demeanour changes and her body glows, she goes into a zone of total pleasure, she acts so wanton and free, its such a beautiful sight for me to see her spreading her legs so much...
  19. Blowing BBC

    Blowing BBC

    Taking bbc deep down her throat
  20. Hotel room service at its best 5 star from us

    Hotel room service at its best 5 star from us

    Got talking to one of the bar staff in hotel bar, and soon found out that room service was the best we ever had lol He spent the night making sure that the wife was well topped up