1. S

    Guide me how to cuck my Fiance?

    Hi Everyone! I am from Pakistan and I am a Muslim 26 year old male. My fiance is 18 year old very beautiful and young. We both loves each other so much. I really have a fantasy to cuck her. But i don't know how to talk with her that because maybe it spoils our relation as she is very innocent...
  2. OriginalCucky

    Just introducing Myself as a long term experienced Cuckold

    Hi , I am Cucky, I have been in the lifestyle for 20 years and am often the subject of my cuckoldresses podcast on extreme cuckolding. I won't share the actual name as I do not want to be seen as advertising her podcast, I just wanted to chat with like-minded individuals. However, I can say I...
  3. C

    Ohio -Single Bisexual Cuckold Seeks LTR w/cuckoldress

    Gentlemen cuckold seeks a loving relationship with a woman who wants a cuckold relationship. If you are such a lady .. drop me a line.
  4. cuckoldvanessa

    Cuckold story - my sub love to watch me with 2 guys

    My sub arranged two guys for me. This time he loves to watch me get pleased from two hot bulls. Both guys were around 25 years old, hot - with a six pack and ready to fuck me. He loves to watch me - how i have an orgasm and get fucked...He arranged a nice hotel suite in london... I knocked on...
  5. BD75A7E7-A9CA-4DC3-B03E-D24E690766A2.jpeg


    I love This dress. It’s completely see through and I was So turned on posing in it. I have A full set at my page and what happened after 🔥