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  2. C

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  3. Ply time

    Ply time

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  4. 6E8EC3C4-1746-4977-BC36-9A0FB8EB1BF1.jpeg


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  5. slutrocknroll cum dumpster

    slutrocknroll cum dumpster

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    slutrocknroll cum dumpster

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    nero in figa.jpeg

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  14. Quick BJ in F's car

    Quick BJ in F's car

    The Wife taking a short coffee break in the parking lot
  15. Pimped to five strangers in a hotel.

    Pimped to five strangers in a hotel.

    Despite the poor quality, this is the newest video from just before the lockdown. Her boss dumped her, said she let herself get fat and out of shape and transferred to the warehouse. One of the guys arranged this and then distributed the video around the company.
  16. Entertaining the work staff

    Entertaining the work staff

    Diane and some of her co-workers. This video is more recent, about five years ago. At that time, her boss began sharing her. In this video she is entertaining 6 of the company's warehouse workers.
  17. From Under the desk to breaking in the new couch

    From Under the desk to breaking in the new couch

    He sent me this one shortly after the first one - about a year later along with a note explaining how well she is progressing despite the fact that he felt she was "putting on some pounds" and then went on to say that cum has a lot of calories.