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  1. Coated good enough for you

    Coated good enough for you

  2. Pretty girl

    Pretty girl

    We finally went out yesterday night. This is how it end.
  3. Skjermbilde 2022-02-25 kl. 10.22.24.png

    Skjermbilde 2022-02-25 kl. 10.22.24.png

  4. M & U FacialTrim.mp4

    M & U FacialTrim.mp4

    Wife gets facial from U T Student
  5. N

    Hotwife Lorelei

    Hi Everyone, Bisexual Hotwife Lorelei (56) located in NY. Mom of 3 grown children and a grandmother. Also the horniest mature Hotwife you will ever meet. All natural full bush Hubby stays in a chastity cage while wife is free to play with and fuck anyone. Hold monthly bareback gangbangs. All...
  6. C


  7. wife facial.mp4

    wife facial.mp4

    cum on wife face
  8. Totally Spent

    Totally Spent

    The end of a sweaty afternoon with my guy
  9. AsianHotWife

    Introducing My Asian Hotwife!

    My Asian Hotwife is a sexy Chinese-Viet female who is a lady on the streets but a total submissive whore between the sheets. We are London based creative couple and looking for guys or gals who are willing to meet for both social activities and photo opportunities.
  10. free2fli

    How many guys has she sucked while married?

    This is about how I discovered my wife has been sucking other cock after we were married. It is an open thread and please share your stories, especially the ladies. Turned out my wife has given hundreds of blowjobs to about 15 guys after we married. Lucky me. For years my wife claimed I was the...
  11. JapaneseHotWife3.png


    Someone else's Japanese wife snuck over to my office to work my thick cock and take my huge loads.
  12. Funforus96

    Facials for wife

    Post your REAL cum facial pics here and the story behind it if you have one.

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  14. Blowjob and facial ending

    Blowjob and facial ending

    Blowjob and facial ending
  15. Hot phatassed blonde rides big dick

    Hot phatassed blonde rides big dick

    Hot phatassed blonde rides big dick
  16. Dirty wife gets a face full

    Dirty wife gets a face full

    Slut wife gets a facial while she touches herself.
  17. Cock whore gf threesome

    Cock whore gf threesome

    Cock whore gf threesome
  18. Fuck my wife

    Pictures of my wife, she wants to know if they get your cock hard. A neighbor too.

    Nothing gets her more wet and horny, when she knows that total strangers are looking at her naked pictures. She will look at the comments, and play with herself until she has a couple of orgasms. She does worry that some won't find her attractive, so she is going to have a new photo shoot...
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    slutmara inter03cc.jpg