1. naturalcucky

    Today date.

    I’m not home today because my wife is going to have a date in our marriage bed. While he was waiting for his bull, he sent me some selfies. I CAN'T LOOK FORWARD TO GOING HOME AND CLEAN UP HER PUSSY!
  2. Swing101

    Off She Goes...

    As she prepares for her date this afternoon and her overnight with one of her regular bulls. I'm left locked up and left to fantasize.... but I'm not complaining. 👍 When I asked for just one key, just in case... "You wish" was the answer. 😥
  3. Jeff Brown

    waiting for her to come home

    Any other husbands out there waiting for her to come tonight?
  4. F

    Our jourrney so far...

    Hello. We are very new to the scene but enjoying it. We have been married 20+ years and are comfortable together now. I've wanted her to fuck other men for a few years now but have only in the last year voiced them. She was keen and we talked about it a lot when fucking and both made us cum...
  5. J

    Wife has a date on Friday; ideas wanted

    Even though I've been sharing my wife for about a year and a half now, the dynamic has mostly been letting her do her thing and she gives me details and pictures later. I want to do something different this time around and would like ideas as to what to include. Here is what I have planned so...
  6. PC010034.JPG


    Date night