1. Black Dress P1020665.jpeg

    Black Dress P1020665.jpeg

    her black, fuck me hard, dress -
  2. Gf Teasing😵‍💫🤤🤤

    Gf Teasing😵‍💫🤤🤤

    One of my favorite outfits of hers’ 😵‍💫😍😍lmk what u think and look at my other posts and lmk if anyone of u can do fakes and stuff, please send me sum examples with Becca in them!🤤🤤
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  7. Bent over in white dress

    Bent over in white dress

  8. xKaannn0

    What do you think of my girlfriend's new dress?

    What do you think of the dress I just bought for my girlfriend? This is a photo from her date with her girlfriend. I think white suits her very well.
  9. J

    Wifes accidental flash

    My wife was going to pick up weed from a guy who was a friend of a friend. She had been to his house a few times before with the girl who introduced them. But this was the first time going by herself. I was at work. She was putting on this very short black dress and got some input from our...
  10. xKaannn0

    My Girlfriend Birthday🎉🎉

    Today is my girlfriend's birthday🎉. My girlfriend is now 22 years old♥️. They organized a nice birthday party with their friends. What are your comments about my girlfriend's beauty and outfit? Does this dress suit her? Bugün sevgilimin doğum günü🎉. Benim güzel sevgilim artık 22 yaşında♥️...
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    Little dress
  12. IMG_2066.jpeg


    Wife in her sexy red dress
  13. IMG_9471 - Copy.JPG

    IMG_9471 - Copy.JPG

    Everyone seems to like this dress that's slit up the front. I wonder why?
  14. M


  15. First time she went braless

    First time she went braless

    Wife went braless this night for our anniversary. She claims she had no idea her too was see through. But I was hard all night watching guys staring and talking to her.
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  19. Poses 135_2.jpg

    Poses 135_2.jpg

  20. Olafqwerty666


    Any takers?