1. Peek a Butt

    Peek a Butt

    The same thong she uses when going to church - sometimes.
  2. J

    Balcony fun

    Hello, We are a couple m27 f29 I fucked her on the balcony 6 years ago. but before doing this, I asked my wife to dance with the curtains open. The man on the next balcony was watching him. But my wife told me about this incident much later. She danced very beautifully that day. She told me that...
  3. Mister_De_Sade

    Any fans of Kink.com's old Public Disgrace series?

    Public sex/exhibitionism is probably my number one kink, and this series (which hasn't really seen a proper update since Kink moved from SanFran to Vegas) was the ultimate example of that. So much so that I've made it my goal to eventually recreate some of my favorite scenes with my own...
  4. pksm1432

    Suggest some risky and exciting hotwife and exhibition dares

    Okay guysss.....we are now thinking of some risky and exciting hotwife and exhibition dares...... So start suggesting in this thread guys ......we will start picking at random...you guys will see the clicks and snaps at random which will make you Fap 😉😉
  5. Mister_De_Sade

    Ideas for public play at a drive-in movie theater?

    I'm taking my girl to a big outdoor drive-in theater next week for a Halloween eve or night horror movie, and am planning on some public play. Any ideas for what to do with her? :devilish: ;)
  6. W

    Might as well share with everyone

    Last week, I told my friend about a hot experience my wife had without me. He loved hearing it so much that I decided to share it with all of you. Imagine that you get a call from a buddy that you haven't seen in years, asking to borrow your beloved welding kit for a few days. Depending on how...
  7. Celebrating


    random girl naked at the street
  8. 20210223_124429.mp4


    Follow me...
  9. F654F5E2-8917-4F3F-9031-3FDFFA2BC717.jpeg


    As Cuckold it is such a boost when your wife open her cunt to let a man inspect her lips. I get an unimaginable stiff there as I can see that.
  10. DAF1DD2B-59C9-411B-B758-0D651634D359.jpeg


    As Cuckold it is such a boost when your wife open her cunt to let a man inspect her lips. I get an unimaginable stiff there as I can see that.
  11. Car cfnm

    Car cfnm

  12. playboy101

    Sexy and risky exhibitionism

    It's always been a turn on seeing girls I've dated in the past go braless in public, pop an "accidental" nip slip to tease others, or flash tits and/or their p*ssy in public.. any risky situations, that confidence brings sooo much attractiveness... thanks to this website, my new kink is seeing...
  13. B

    Married, wanna be cuck, looking for advice

    I am married and I was always into threesomes, sharing, cheating, cuck, etc etc... My previous girlfriend was into this as well and she was ok with finding another partners and telling me what she did with them. Honestly, it wasn't difficult at all to get her on this path. Maybe because we were...
  14. smcouplebr

    What would you do with my pretty GF?

    I love to know what you want to do with her tiny and hot body. ;)
  15. DSCN1795.JPG


    Wife enjoying a glass of wine, letting others enjoy a view...
  16. T

    Fun at the club

    Hi everyone, This is our second post here, you can check out our first post from our profile :). So we have been playing with the idea of her dressing slutty at a club and see the reaction of people around and take a few pictures and videos. So it finally happened a couple of days back when we...
  17. IMG_9268.MOV


  18. cfwives.com_221671_eb3a571299ab.jpg


  19. btweets


    Wondering if anyone has ever been to an, Eyes Wide Shut party, or something similar, and would like to share their experiences and stories...
  20. An innocent boob flash!

    An innocent boob flash!

    She just gave a little boob flash to the party and that got some things happening!


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