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  2. btweets


    Wondering if anyone has ever been to an, Eyes Wide Shut party, or something similar, and would like to share their experiences and stories...
  3. An innocent boob flash!

    An innocent boob flash!

    She just gave a little boob flash to the party and that got some things happening!
  4. Pistil

    Restaurant games

    I hade made friends with this guy on Tinder, he is a 26 year old graduate student in Austin. Should you ever come across my profile on that site you would see that I make it clear that I am married and my husband is part of the game. We arranged to meet at a restaurant close to the hotel where...
  5. The stone bench in the maze!

    The stone bench in the maze!

    A busy sunny day, but I found the chance to get her alone while hubby acted as lookout!
  6. C

    Wife let me put tits In the Window

    W e were again out of town....................... It was getting late and I had put on my underware for lounging around and my was wife putting on her light and loose T-shirt with panties under it. I love the jiggle under............. when she walks. I walked over to the window and opened the...