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    Showing off my desi indian hotwife for your enjoyment

    Showing off my desi indian hotwife for your enjoyment
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    Pizza or delivery dares

    Hi sexy couples, I would love to hear your story about flashing to the delivery guy. If you have pictures its a huuuuuge bonus for me:) If any couple able to do it in the future i would love to know and get updated every single step..i don't know why but it makes me like wowww..:) Please...
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  7. Vicki Naked

    Vicki Naked

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    Home from Shop Rite in Absecon NJ. Everytime she bent over to get something off shelf she was exposed. Loved it
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    ☆Ask me anything about my wife ☆

    Please ask anything you want about my wife :) All comments are welcome also She thinks she's not anything to catch anyone's attention on here lol
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  16. otra de la cerda

    otra de la cerda

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    una esposa de un cornudo sumiso

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    UK Wife for Captions, Tributes...

    UK Hubby here, LOVE to have my wife captioned, Tributed, shown around, love to expose her, chat ...
  20. Can you please repost this?

    Can you please repost this?

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