1. Now thats a nice puss

    Now thats a nice puss

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  2. Younger Wife

    Younger Wife

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  3. IMG_0476 (2).jpg

    IMG_0476 (2).jpg

  4. Waving to the neighbors

    Waving to the neighbors

  5. Susanduva

    My birthday

    My husband through a surprise birthday party for me. Many of our friends neighbors coworkers and family members were there to my great surprise. We partied hard drinking and smoking weed until the late hours of the night. I was so drunk that I went to bed before everyone left. The next morning...
  6. Colleenkoot


    I live way up in Vancouver British Columbia and during the summer I really love to enjoy the sun by nude sunbathing. Little did I know that my son and his friends would be spying on me from the second story windows and taking pictures of me completely naked. The only reason I found out is...
  7. Colleenkoot

    Colleen Koot

    This is all about me
  8. Susan DuVa

    Susan DuVa

    Hope you enjoy
  9. front & center

    front & center

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  10. thonged


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  11. slewis2k

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