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  1. Gag Me Harder.mov

    Gag Me Harder.mov

    Your wish is my command!
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  3. Look you in the eye while it’s in my mouth

    Look you in the eye while it’s in my mouth

  4. Getting face fucked.

    Getting face fucked.

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    Wife Fantasy

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    Deepthroat Wifey

    Wifey loves to show off for friends be dominated and she loves to make home movies :) Practice makes perfect!
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  12. L

    Oral Sub for couple or Dom who uses sluts

    i am an oral submissive who has cleaned a few creampies and services Bulls. i am a young 55, 5'9" 175lbs. it live west of the Twin Cities MN. i am clean and discrete. it wear panties when told to if/when I service a Bull or a couple.