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Feb 17, 2018
hi cocks,

since some years my wife won't let me fuck her anymore and totally dominates me.
i have to beg her to do anything sex related and massage her first and stuff like that.
after she only make my dick hard but then she stop and sits in my face.
from then i jerk myself while licking her till cum.

since she dominates me for so long anyway i started this deep wish her doing it with other guys.
she deserves it to get what she wants and i can be happy paying her sexy dessouse, bikinies, tights and high hells - but of course not for me.
only for other guys to enjoy her and give her what she need.

here some pics of her.
let me know what you think and want to do with her.
in case we want to meet in real life you can send me a pm to plan something like that.
we not did this yet but i can't help myself, i only can cum thinking about her doing it with other guys.
i love her and its weird but i think bringing her there by first brining a second guy into play in a relaxed holiday atmosphere only serving her would be a good start.
eg. that she sits in my face while another guy likes her tits and she touches his oiled strong muscular body for her joy.
i would love that she then finds the fun to play his dick, stroke it, make him crazy.
when another guy fucks her i could kiss her and tell her how much i love her and do everything she wants.

let me know what you think about her.
in case we want to meet later on in real life you can send me a pm.
we did not do this yet but this is the only way for me to cum, so i would try to get her there as well.

my wife is not a slut yet but getting her there would be my wish.
with my exgirlfriend before i went that path, story here: https://www.wifewantstoplay.com/thr...guys-while-jerking-myself-over-and-over.3303/

here some pics of my asian wifeView attachment 85876View attachment 85878View attachment 85880View attachment 85882View attachment 85879
So sexy.
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