1. Asiancouple69

    What do you think of my asian wife

  2. I

    Another Cali Couple

    We are another Cali couple looking for local people for long term play. We are in the I.E. Check out our profile for more info and email us. :)
  3. Deviant dad

    Last Saturday night

    Hey all So after much vetting out it finally happened again I’m going to write it down while it’s still fresh in my head So to describe our last play date. Finally met up with this guy Rick for a couple of drinks. My wife looked stunning in this open back cocktail dress with fishnet stockings...
  4. S


  5. M

    Carol naked pics for you to keep

    love showing my wife's pics face to feet. Hit me up for more and do what ever you want with them norseskullatgmaildotcom