asian wife

  1. malmal

    Just another wife

    I've posted the wife in various threads. I'll collect everything that's been posted, in this thread. We met when she was in middle school. We started going out when she was in high school. She has a tight and petite body, and an even tighter pussy. She's a beauty, but I can't show her face for...
  2. E

    hot wife posing

    i like posing for my hubby and ex-boyfriends!
  3. E

    I want to watch my Asian wife with another guy.

    I want to watch my Asian wife with another guy. We have engaged in this topic numerous time during pillow talk, but nothing has eventuated past that. Over time she has began to ask questions about what I would like to see and what I want her to do, but nothing past that. She knows that I have no...
  4. S


  5. S


  6. Vornado

    New here Love showing off and sharing my filipina wife

  7. A

    my wife

    who wants to bang her?...
  8. M

    My Asian wife

    guys my Asian wife is away and I'd like to hear your comments on her pics I have on my phone, anyone up for it?
  9. M

    My Asian wife

    my wife is away, she's Asian. Anyone want to comment or tribute her pics?
  10. playfulcouple

    Wife ready to take a hot load of cum!