1. ownmywifey

    UK Wife 4 your pleasure

    My 30 y old wife loves to show off and also love to serve herself as a wank material or tribute model to pervs and bulls Filthy comments also welcome Enjoy her
  2. Hubby domination

    Hubby domination

    Hubby domination
  3. O

    An amazing experience

    A couple of days ago I had the most incredible sexual experience watching my girlfriend have hot, intense sex with her new man. When we started sharing her with other men we never had any intentions of getting involved with breeding. A few weeks ago I wasn't too comfortable with how things were...
  4. L

    Advice - Has anyone hired a Dom to use their wife/gf in a dungeon environment?

    Hi all, Earlier this year, my gf and I hired a sex dungeon for the day. It was great fun, and a wonderful experience trying out lots of links and fantasies. One of the fantasies that keeps coming up between us is to visit again, but with a male Dom who we hire to both play with her while I...
  5. S


  6. mariaheels

    Cuckold, loser, sissy fantasy

    If anyone wants to get humiliated, I love doing that