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hi i am 20 years old an i am a boy who want a Mistress to transform me in sissy do you likeit??if you want this you can conect with me in skype...
my name in skype is

plz humilate me
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Sep 19, 2017
Come on guys be honest the woman's pussy is the prise we all crave for but we want to see them dripping wet with our cum running out of them
Well, that's how you see it, and yes in honesty the woman's pussy is the prize, and I like you do crave to see it dripping wet with cum running out.... BUT, I crave to first see this beautiful Lady fucked so magnificently, hear her moaning in deep pleasure, see her eyes roll as her lover pounds her pussy with His Big Hard Cock... while I am made to watch, probably tied to a chair, naked, caged in chastity, myself denied!! Then this wonderful Lady after being fucked so well will scream, and climax over her lovers deeply buried cock, which in turn will have him lunge deep, and explode masses of his hot thick creamy spunk deep inside her.
It's then her pussy will be utterly dripping, soaking wet, gaping, satisfied, that her pussy will be the ultimate prize.... So delicious I find, as she grabs my head and pulls my face to her demanding I lick her and consume every last drop of their heavenly passions!!


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Dec 13, 2019
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