1. B

    Negotiating a deal...

    My wife of 10 years who has become increasingly abusive over the past 3 years (during which time i have been banned from sex with her) has just told me that her and her best friend who is recently divorced are going on holiday together and she has told me how keen she is to get fucked there. I...
  2. Couple4MFM

    Why my husband will always be a Cuck - help me humiliate him

    Sometimes my husband will forget why I need other men to satisfy me. He is a wonderful man and treats me like a princess, but he has a tiny penis and continually needs to be reminded of his role and reason for being a cuck husband. Does anyone want to help me reinforce his role with me by...
  3. A


  4. C

    New cuck here do you bulls like?

    Submissive cuck here I figured id share a couple pics of my hotwife for the bulls to enjoy.
  5. mariaheels

    Cuckold, loser, sissy fantasy

    If anyone wants to get humiliated, I love doing that