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  3. M

    My hotwife for you please leave dirty comments to pleasing her

    My hotwife for you please leave dirty comments to pleasing her
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    Mistress and sissy cuck

    Hi Everyone We are hotwife Joanne and her sissy cuckold faggot hubby, we are from the UK but live in Cyprus, we have just discovered this site and are looking forward to exploring it
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    Egyptian couple seeking dominant bull

    Hi I am the husband and wife is white sexy 45 .. we are in cairo … I fantasize seeing her with dark dominant men .. it’s bit crazy as I can’t get the idea of my mind PM us
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    What do you think about men in lingerie&high heels?

    Those pics are all from me,curious what comments i will get,and for the ladies i,m always curious what they think or want to do with a sexy slut like me
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    Wishing I had a mouthful as well
  9. TheGreyZone

    Some nice development during an unusual day

    Just wanted to share my experiences from today. My partner and I decided on a very different day. Since she’s not required to work at the office today, and I didn’t have anywhere place-specific to be, we decided to take a drive to another town and work out of a coffee shop. She was happy that...
  10. shymalea62

    do you like a sexy sissy in lingerie&high heels?

    I just want to please admirers from slutty dressed sissies and i share anything they want to know
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    Turkish Cd Berna

  12. T

    Turkis Sissy Berna

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    Tightening the anus for the ultimate bull orgasm

    Tightening of the anus is performed with a butt plug. You should choose a short one with a big head (1.5 inch and a narrow neck 0.5 inch. When such a butt plug is inserted into the anus, the anal muscles begin to contract around the neck of the butt plug. contractions become stronger over time...
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  15. Maria29t

    Sex Between Sissy and Bull

    For men, women are primarily sexually attracted there no doubt. Sissy is the third sex, especially Trans Sissy, which is not halfway between men and women but more to female side. Why do men like Sissy at all? Sissy is not for marriage and real man won't marry her, but he can have a great sex...
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    My wife would have an elderly single boss. My wife work for him so he use it whenever he wanted. He come to us spontaneously whenever he want. My wife and I do whatever he wants. He would be a kinky, imaginative man. My wife would do anything for him like a hooker because her salary would be...
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    Sexy panties

    My wife is a petite little thing so I don't fit in her panties but I've got my own collection that makes me feel sexy and slutty. I've found that sofishie has good options for panties that fit men. Anyone else find any good options?
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    Michigan Sexy Couple Interested in Spoiling/Estabilshed Cuckold experience with Professional Bull

    Hello! We are excited to see what we find here. But, I have made my husband my slave. He is straight and confident...but, loves to be humiliated and I really enjoy it. We are fun, in-shape, discreet, professionals seeking similar. I always loved the movie savages! ;) Please let us know if you...