1. C

    Professional, good quality fakes of your Wife

    Hello! I’m creating high quality fakes. If you want to see my skills and fulfill your fantasies, please PM me. All i need is a couple of good quality headshots of your Wife or gf, at least one body pic and short description what do you want to see. Don’t worry about the money - it’s free and i’m...
  2. M

    Who can fake Becca with black cock

    Pm please
  3. Edward120985

    Can someone tribute my wife?

    Love to know whether my 35yr old UK wife turns you on? Maybe prove it by cocking, tributing, faking or captioning her...? !
  4. cuck_couple989

    Photoshop Fun

    I've been inspired by other creative users to start another thread on this popular topic, memes , captions , fakes , let's see them all!
  5. suczka23

    suczka23 tribute to my photo please

    tribute to my photo please