1. G

    Been wanting to share my latina wife with a black guy!

    hey there? well like the title says I've been having this fantasy of sharing my Latina gf for a while now and it seems as the time go's on further I want it even more lol I don't really know how this happened but it really gets me excited. my gf doesn't know about this and I'm not sure what she...
  2. C

    Help- We’re doing a study on how many couples are satisfied by not going beyond FANTASY HOTWIFING and your perceived advantages of not going fully

    Help- We’re doing a study on how many couples are satisfied by not going beyond FANTASY HOTWIFING and your perceived advantages of not going fully
  3. T

    Wife found out about my bbc fantasy for her…

    So here’s my story. Me and my wife have been together 4 years and married since the summer. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted and we have great sex, we both agree it’s the best we’ve ever had. I’m not small (about 6ish inches and girthy) but who doesn’t want to see their wife dominated and...
  4. D


  5. H

    What does it mean?

    I have a fantasy of sharing my wife since 2017. We have been together since 2014 and got married in 2019. My wife knows about this fantasy. I almost everyday ask her to fuck someone casually. Now, when we have sex we both like dirty talk and recently I have been asking her to tell me a kinky...
  6. T


    I’m a bull looking for sex. No male to male touching but we can fuck together u can watch we can even take turn.
  7. J

    One of my favorite videos

  8. TheDrkKnight


  9. Leoqing

    Pegging in-front of Friends

    Hi all, My wife has recently shared her fantasy with me which we haven’t experienced before. She want to to peg me with strap on and make me cum. Interestingly she want to fuck me infront of my friends. Has anyone experienced this before? how would it work, i am excited!! Would love to hear...
  10. Timster

    Wives desire Latino BBC?

  11. J

    Whirlpool fantasy

    Hey there I wanted to share a fantasy I have lately . I imagine going to the swimming pool with my gf ( we regularly go to a thermal spring in our vicinity ) and we sit together in the public whirlpool ( those who are not that big and contain max 6 people). We both relax and after some time...
  12. hotwifeluvr

    My wife fucks others sometimes, but this one will probably remain a fantasy...

    My wife fucks other men sometimes. Not often, though I don't complain. More than most wives do! lol. Sometimes, when she is in a hot spell, she has been very wild and wanton. But other times, she is shy about doing anything very wild, and just wants to have romance, viewing things that excite me...
  13. new3.jpg


    Only been touched by my small dick. Planning to take her to a local swingclub, hopfully soon. It will be something new for both of us which I will get to watch her orgasm, hard.
  14. C

    Whats the definition?

    Hi This seems like the right forum to ask my question... Im a married man, with a wife who's also my dominatrix. We've been playing with cuckold fantasy-play in the bedroom for quite some time, but with a twist. My wife is bi-sexual, and she (and I of cause) really likes the idea of her being...
  15. B

    Surprising Texts

    My wife and I have been in the lifestyle for years now. What I’m hoping to do is find the right person to start sending her sexy texts (By mistake). Once she tells them they have the wrong number the guy casually keeps going until it’s full on sexting. Of course I’d love to get sent copies of...
  16. btweets

    Questions about having or role playing with rape fantasies??

    Was wondering if any Women or Couples fantasize and/or role play with rape fantasies? If so, please describe how you act it out. Also is there anyone else where there’s actually been a real life rape involving her that’s possibly the connection to the fantasy? Here’s my story.. My ex fiancé...
  17. S

    Any sissy cuck wanna share his girl or a family member? a dominant bull here

    So as you see my username: strong.desire .. the name speaks for itself ;), I have that strong desire of owning someone's own property (mom, wife, gf, sis... etc ) whatever so PM me or just kik: strong.desire snap: wezosnap
  18. 4

    My GIF album of things I've done and like to do with my wife.

    Hey, hope you enjoy these hot little gifs, feel free to comment. Maybe I'll make some gifs from vids of the wife.
  19. Miss dixie

    Advice needed by hot wifing couple

    For the last year my partner of 17 years has confided in me of his hot wifing fantasy. He very much likes the idea of watching a man fuck me. I won't lie, at first I was a little taken aback but over the year we have spoken about it loads, bought role play into the bedroom and the idea has...
  20. Mr Deadbird

    I do personalized porn comics for cuckolds and I've heard some crazy fantasies.

    Hi I'm Mr Deadbird, and I've been drawing porn for cuckolds for over a year.... How come? I'm the owner of Your Porn Factory, basicly we make personalized porn comics. Almos 70% of the orders I get are from guys arround the world asking me to let them see their wife fucking other men. Muscular...