1. How I need to Suck it

    How I need to Suck it

    Im the one sucking your head that’s in between those juicy tits. I want to suck your head slowly then down to her nipple maybe suck the cum out of him like this after he titty fucks you. Please make this happen.
  2. M

    Sick fucks with absolutely NO LIMITS pm me about my gf

    I want to discuss some extremely fucked up no limit scenarios with someone, so no one who’s going to get offended pm me, chat with me about my fantasies about my gf
  3. S


    Someday my wife will grant my fantasy I'm sure but until then I'll just keep bringing it up when we make love, which does cause her to get very wet. She has a regular lover (what we call him it used to be her FWB or FB but she is so turned on by their kissing and foreplay that now it is just her...
  4. M

    Pm me for my gf r@pe fantasy

    Anyone In Ohio?
  5. sinxsation

    Cuck roleplay

    Anyone interested in erotic roleplay with my wife? Looking for people who like to write out elaborate stories to chat with, can share pics of her for inspiration
  6. Irontrooper

    Kinky fantasies

    what is your kinkiest fantasy ?
  7. JustTom

    Hello everyone

    Hi, my name is Tom and I'm new here. I have a fantasy about my wife. I want to see her with another guy, preferably a gangbang. Cheers and wish everyone a good time here
  8. G

    Bi curious

    Anyone wanna chat with me about my bi curious fantasies.
  9. L

    Dogging 🚗🅿️🏞️

    Hey to all the community, did someone here tried dogging before? If yes tell us about it Ps: those who have just the fantasy can express as well
  10. Camazotz

    Mature and young stud

    Am I the only one being reallyyyy into pleasing women/couples who are older than me? Are there women still into feeling wanted by the young studs? ;p
  11. Prosper wife exposed

    Prosper wife exposed

  12. truedesire

    My hot wife.

    I've recently stumbled on this site and i loved the content it offers, especially stories of first timers sharing experiences. Me and my wife are in our mid twenties, she loves rough sex and being used like a fucktoy. She always loved the idea of MFM or even a gangbang, watches a lot of that...
  13. M

    Something that always makes my pussy drip

    My deepest darkest fantasy is to meet a tall well built stranger with a thick long BBC and full balls at the pool then when I'm in the family changing room by myself I'm just getting undressed I hear the door click and it's the stranger standing there, I'd forgotten to lock the door properly...
  14. G

    Wife Makes A Movie

    I’m posting this here in stag/vixen because I’m not into cuckold/humiliation etc. I hope it doesn’t get moved. After a particularly long and challenging day at work, Gavin comes in, greets his lovely wife Shayna with a huge hug and a kiss. After changing from his work clothes, he prepares...
  15. C

    Who would you like to see your wife naked that shouldn't?

    Who would you like to see your wife/girlfriend naked that probably shouldn't? Friend, relative, co-worker, stranger, boss? I would love for one of my wife's co-workers to see her naked and seduce her.
  16. S


  17. G

    Been wanting to share my latina wife with a black guy!

    hey there? well like the title says I've been having this fantasy of sharing my Latina gf for a while now and it seems as the time go's on further I want it even more lol I don't really know how this happened but it really gets me excited. my gf doesn't know about this and I'm not sure what she...
  18. C

    Help- We’re doing a study on how many couples are satisfied by not going beyond FANTASY HOTWIFING and your perceived advantages of not going fully

    Help- We’re doing a study on how many couples are satisfied by not going beyond FANTASY HOTWIFING and your perceived advantages of not going fully
  19. T

    Wife found out about my bbc fantasy for her…

    So here’s my story. Me and my wife have been together 4 years and married since the summer. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted and we have great sex, we both agree it’s the best we’ve ever had. I’m not small (about 6ish inches and girthy) but who doesn’t want to see their wife dominated and...
  20. D