1. Rubbing My Pussy and Squirting for hubby

    Rubbing My Pussy and Squirting for hubby

    Lisa Was Horny after checking out some videos of the Ladies solo vids. I was busy with the camera otherwise I would of ate her out while she squirts in my mouth. She loves it when I suck her while she squirts.
  2. Selfie


  3. Wanna cum with me

    Wanna cum with me

    Cum with Lisa.
  4. Can I squirt in your mouth?

    Can I squirt in your mouth?

    Lisa rarely squirts, but when she does, I FUCKING LOVE IT
  5. Pleasure Ward

    Ever worship your bull's feet?

    Imagine sitting at the foot of the bed, your lovely wife riding her handsome stallion, her velvety vagina caressing his manhood. His huge masculine feet right in front of you, his toes twitch and curl with pleasure. Have you ever thought of massaging them, maybe covering them in kisses to show...
  6. Virtuous2vixen

    For Pantyhose Lovers

    I love the look of my gorgeous wife’s sexy legs and feet in pantyhose. Any other pantyhose lovers out there?
  7. Feet



    Nude Beach

    My wife enjoys being on view at the beach. Any offers?
  9. 4_7.jpg


    Lisa outdoors
  10. 3_7.jpg


    Lisa outdoors
  11. 2_7.jpg


    Lisa outdoors
  12. 1_7.jpg


    Lisa outdoors
  13. 92F54890-2A13-41DA-8663-3BEE2E7E8181.jpeg


  14. ownmywifey

    UK Wife 4 your pleasure

    My 30 y old wife loves to show off and also love to serve herself as a wank material or tribute model to pervs and bulls Filthy comments also welcome Enjoy her
  15. IMG_20210627_135013.jpg


    For the feet lovers.
  16. A

    Wife’s and girlfriends feet pics

    so... my wife knows I have a foot fetish, but she's never really let me fully indulge it. Last night, I get this text from the guy she was hanging out with. Apparently, he has a foot fetish too, and this was his way of letting me know he was getting ready to enjoy them in ways I've...
  17. J

    Asian and Yellow Fever

    Does anyone here have Asian Fetish?
  18. zarywe

    Asian wife in bed

    we haven't checked back to the site in a while, back to share some more pics.
  19. K

    wife’s pussy through the years

    A couple old pics to startnewer one we feel like it doesn’t look as good
  20. K

    What do you like about her ?