female orgasm

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  2. Riding Orgasm

    Riding Orgasm

    Wife's orgasm on me
  3. Dildo and finger vibe

    Dildo and finger vibe

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    I was awy on a business trip a few years ago and my wife sent me this hot clip of her playing with her vibrator. Anal too...mmm.
  5. Sloppy Elevator

    Sloppy Elevator

    I was wet and I just got done fucking but I was roaring to go again - Lupe came to my rescue as we sneaked off to find the car...lost riding the elevator up and down, floor by floor, we just say Fuck it! I want you now! 20 min later I am sitting in a puddle completely satisfied 💦
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    Made myself cum for you, I need to know other men want to fuck me.
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    Vibing it
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  9. Oral Orgasm

    Oral Orgasm

    A recent fuck buddy ate her pussy good and the resulting orgasm had her dropping the phone, so when the screen goes dark near the end that's a nice view of the sheets on the bed. LOL This was later in the evening so if there was anyone walking by their door or in the next room I'm sure they heard.
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    Taking a dildo for the first time deep in her pussy
  11. Fucked from behind

    Fucked from behind

    My wife cumming twice in quick succession as I drill her from behind
  12. P

    Conversation and play you may find titillating

    In a recent conversation with my wife, she talked teasingly about how “we can just be friends” like my mother and father who have long been separated but are on good terms. The implication was a relationship like a friend of hers that has them living under the same roof in a sexless marriage for...
  13. Here it cums

    Here it cums

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  17. Swollen Pussy Orgasm

    Swollen Pussy Orgasm

  18. Hardcore girl drilled by 13inch Cucumber

    Hardcore girl drilled by 13inch Cucumber

    Hardcore girl drilled by 13inch Cucumber
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    Finger vibe and black dildo
  20. Dildo orgasm

    Dildo orgasm