first time cuckolding

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  2. The first time I was shared ends very quickly he can't control his body

    The first time I was shared ends very quickly he can't control his body

    So after the massage after him eaten my pussy and my asshole after him putting in the butt plug after him finger fucking me then after a brief missionary my husband told him to turn me around because she wanted to get the butt plug and his cock in my pussy and this is how it looked
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    Wife Shocked Me Admitted BBC Fantasy

    I need some advice here. I have always had interracial cuckold fantasies over the years but my wife is a 100% no go on this. She is blonde, 5'5, 130 pounds and honestly not just beautiful but the classy wholesome type who you just know would never do this. We had an argument a few months...
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    Tribute my wife

    She’s looking for her first big cock and to be shared! Would love to share a tribute with her to show her what she’s missing!
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    I wants to share my wife with another men.

    We are Indian couple. For the last few months, I have been wishing that someone else should take off my wife's clothes in front of me and play with her body. And finally fuck him in front of me. If someone has shared his wife, then please guide me how is his experience. My wife is ready to...


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