1. B

    So wife wants first threesome

    So the wife has decided she wants to have her first threesome and be double teamed!! She said no to the dp but who knows when she gets going we’ve messed around with her dildos and my cock before but never 2 real ones, she did say she’d like me to be there not sure if she meant participating or...
  2. Tomad12

    Gf is finally into it, but i'm a bit scared advice needed!

    Hello, We are 8 years together now. We are 26 and 24 and i told my gf i like to share her a couple years ago. Now she finally is into it but im a bit scared. When im horny i love to share her but when i the cum is out i doubt about my feelings. I think more men had the same problem as me...
  3. X

    New to the fantasy. PM me here

    Hi, I've been lurking here a lot and decided to post. Need a buddy to talk me about the cuckold lifestyle and how my gf (who is innocent and shy) would react to sharing her. Would love to talk with y'all. Thanks.
  4. Parker1204

    I hope my Asian wife opens up soon.

    Currently working on it.! When she is ready, I will post up here. I am planning to take her to local swingersclub (stripclub on her knowledge) for the first time for both of us. Whoever gets to break that ice if a lucky man.! She is real tight, and will cum very hard.
  5. new3.jpg


    Only been touched by my small dick. Planning to take her to a local swingclub, hopfully soon. It will be something new for both of us which I will get to watch her orgasm, hard.