1. S

    Would you let a young bull sext your wife/girlfriend??

    Hey! Just a UK BWC looking for cucks who aren't afraid to let their wives or girlfriend talk to me with the intention of getting to know them a bit and seeing where it leads... If thats sounds intriguing feel free to shoot me a message!
  2. Morning Impromptu

    Morning Impromptu

    pre shower
  3. Feeling thick

    Feeling thick

  4. IMG_5497.jpeg


    Showing off my naked body and cock
  5. IMG_5498.jpeg


    My big curvy cock 😈
  6. Throbbing and ready

    Throbbing and ready

    she will cum the way you've never made her
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    Big heavy cock waiting for you
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    Big stud cock for you sexy wives
  9. Fit bull seeking hotwives and couples.

    Fit bull seeking hotwives and couples.

    Fit and friendly bull looking to chat/play with hotwives and couples!
  10. Back pic

    Back pic

    DM me if you like what you see!
  11. R

    My sexy fit and young wife

    Hey, I'm new here... Love posting my sexy 22 yro wife online. I don't want to share her irl, and she hasn't been shared. Ask me about my fantasies... there's plenty of things I'm into. Let's chat about her though! Interested in the rest of her? Soon enough you'll see as much as you want. -...
  12. Cute peach butt and fit body

    Cute peach butt and fit body

    My cute little wife 3
  13. My wife's fitand sexy body

    My wife's fitand sexy body

    My cute little wife 2
  14. She's too sexy, so fine.

    She's too sexy, so fine.

    My cute little wife 1
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  16. 00101_f3LMCtiDv3k_1200x900.jpg


  17. Godzilla8

    BWC looking for hotwives

    PM me for more info. Theres a example about what Im packing 🙂
  18. Shirtless


  19. Chunky95

    Vancouver, Canada 27M 6’2, Fit, Thick

    Hi! ! a 27m, fit 6ft 2, 6.5in and thick Dom. I’m really easy going and love meeting people! Would love to chat more
  20. Kik gfshare12

    Kik gfshare12

    Trade our girl pics and chat experiences