foot fetish

  1. rosocka

    Feet Exchange!!!!

    Let's Exchange our gf/wife foot fetish related stuff!!! I mean foot/socks/heels pictures,cum on her feet,footjobs,ect.!!
  2. Hotel8.jpg


    I love getting my toes sucked.
  3. Nina4455

    Searching for a cum tribute to my pics

    I would like to see me covered through a cum tribute 🤤
  4. Wife's feet

    Wife's feet

    My wife wearing sexy high heels
  5. Wife sexy feet - High Heels on a Date

    Wife sexy feet - High Heels on a Date

    My wife wore those high heels on her second date with her bull. He has a foot fetish, like me, and got crazy with it.
  6. Her Bull took this photo on their second date

    Her Bull took this photo on their second date

    My lovely wife on her date with her Bull, seems she is happy. They fucked 3 times that night, she came back home at 4:30.
  7. IMG_8887.jpeg


    Girls just wanna have fun! Come have more fun! Join my telegram:
  8. IMG_8779.jpeg


    Definitely a workout! I think I need a few more hard cocks to fuck my feet!🤭
  9. IMG_20240116_095020-01.jpeg


    Doin private tribs avg cock
  10. Shoecumcplny

    Kissed wife’s feet with cum or another cock

    How many of you have a foot or shoe fetish and enjoy, showing off and kissing your wife’s feet or shoes on her feet? Who has licked their cum or another guy come off their wife’s feet? How did it get started and how often does it happen? Has anyone kissed or worships their wife’s feet while...
  11. A

    Looking for milf w foot fetish

    Let me talk to your wife and show her how hard her pretty feet and body make me. I will trade vids and pics or jerk live if interested. Pm me!
  12. Wife Feet

    Wife Feet

    Tell me what you think about her feet
  13. Wife Sexy Feet

    Wife Sexy Feet

    Wife feet
  14. Wife Feet

    Wife Feet

    Wife sexy feet
  15. H

    Show off your wife’s toes!

    I love sucking my wife’s toes when I make her cum and she loves it too. Who else has a pretty wife with pretty feet? Painted nails and pedicures are a plus!
  16. H

    Share your wife’s feet!

    Let’s see those pretty painted toes!
  17. Barefoot wife

    Barefoot wife

    Wife feet
  18. Her feet

    Her feet

    Her sexy feet
  19. cuckoldslut72

    We want bull with very big cook

    szukamy byka z dużym kutasem do rogacza klimatycznego seksualnych spotkań. Mój rogacz tylko obserwuje i wykonuje moje polecenia.Interesują nas tylko panowie z kutasami +21cm
  20. Ikarfeet

    Foot Freak Bi Slave!!!

    I'll be your slave Expose myself and my girl/stepsister/ex how you want. I have toys...I'll sent you pic and videos!!! As a reward I want to make me worship female feet...sniff her socks and shoes.


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