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  3. IBEX

    Any couples, Wives, Ladies, Or Girlfriends from India?

    Hello beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen - greetings to you especially those I am seeking who will be in Southern region of India especially TN. I am a sexy handsome black gentleman, born, raised, lives and currently works in Mumbai, India. I am 44 years old, 5ft 7 inches high, athletic...
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    massive cum shot
  5. Beautiful Wife

    Beautiful Wife

    She caught me again napping....then jumped on me. A perfect dream! Still dreaming....Too much fun!!
  6. Lucky Cucky Hubby

    New Cuck

    Tell Me Something About This Name. :)
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  8. I

    Ever have a funny Hotwife moment

    The funniest hottest thing happen to me and my hot wife a few years ago. We are an interracial couple. I'm black, tall and I guess you can say I have an intimidating stocky build. My wife Marie is short, petite Latina. One day we found ourselves on the boat of a cool ass white couple. The wife...