Any couples, Wives, Ladies, Or Girlfriends from India?


Jan 23, 2022
Hello beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen - greetings to you especially those I am seeking who will be in Southern region of India especially TN.

I am a sexy handsome black gentleman, born, raised, lives and currently works in Mumbai, India. I am 44 years old, 5ft 7 inches high, athletic build, pert thick derriere and a cut dark brown genitalia which is of outstanding beauty. My nakedness will seduce you immediately regardless of your sexual preferences. I say this with great humility.

I have a great sense of humour and am extremely laid back in nature. You will feel extremely comfortable in my presence. I am chatty and I respect all peoples boundaries completely. My sexuality is not defined as of yet but I do wonder if I am bi (curious). I do feel guilty about this feeling and cant help this. These feelings wont go away no matter what I do. Anyway I feel curious due to the fact that I enjoy watching porn where a MF couple both suck a cock and then both get fucked by the black guy. This gets me so aroused. I do wonder what it would be like to get my cock sucked jointly by a MF couple and possible a guy. I can not explain for the life of me why. I am not attracted to men at all in the physical sense. Although I find something sexy about mature executive career men/women who are willing to totally submit. Maybe if you really spoiled me and was totally submissive to me, I would give you my all on a long-term basis. I also am aware that some people especially men want intimacy and a relationship with me especially after they have seen me in the flesh or my nude selfies. I say all this with humility. I still love the female anatomy as a preference. I am very discreet so partners or family members will not need to know anything that goes on between us. That is guaranteed so feel free to get in touch.

I seek open-minded professional/highly educated women, MF couples, and possibly married guys who are completely submissive on a long-term basis for foreplay, nudism, full body rubs, and exchanging mutual pubic rubbing rather than penetration. Penetration may occur depending on if there is a connection but I will not guarantee it and will have the final say on this. I will give women extended oral, exchange full-body massages, expect to receive prolonged rimming, sucking my toes, my penis sucked to completion, me being masturbated heavily, and will engage in BDSM with you. I will be the master or Dom in BDSM scenarios. I especially would love to hear from mature women regardless of age. Please don't feel too old as I welcome the very mature too. Women your vagina must be shaved/bald and smell nice. Also, women bring a spare pair of pants for me as I will keep a pair you are wearing.

If you are new to the scene, shy, or maybe curious, I would love to hear from you. Maybe we can massage each other first if this will make you more comfortable to start with. This way we can explore each other’s bodies and take it from there. I am surgical with my hands. I love my feet being massaged especially.

With the guys, you will be married, a high-level professional worker, be educated, maybe a businessman or retired (semi) in such fields, serve me fully, faithfully and it is at my discretion what occurs between us. I do feel so guilty about my bi feelings due to my conservative upbringing but will be so naughty with the right person I am seeking. I have a lot of ideas about how you will serve me and pleasing me should be your sole goal.

My availability varies a lot due to my present shift work. I will need sufficient notice so I can plan accordingly. I will ignore same-day or immediate requests to meet. I am extremely busy away from this site. Please bear this in mind when messaging me.

I will be in Nagpur/MP TILL at the end of September for a few days in case you are based there and would like to meet up.

Please note that I can never host but will travel to hotels or your residence within Central India/Mumbai. Preference is given to the Mumbai Or Nagpur area. I can recommend hotels that will give you complete anonymity.


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