1. Shafad

    How would you get my loyal Indian gf to bob her head up and down your bully cock?

    Dm me or comment ways you would trick my gf to get her plump lips on your shaft
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  3. Sneaky snap

    Sneaky snap

    Wifey getting ready for office
  4. Nipping Out.jpeg

    Nipping Out.jpeg

  5. T

    South Asian women/wives from UK

    Young black guy who only wants to paki,bengali and indian women would be a plus if she’s muslim/wears hijab for our meet
  6. T

    any muslim or hijabi couples?

    i’m a young black bull from London was wondering if there’s any of these kind of couples on the forum they seem so rare and hard to find.
  7. P

    Proud husband of a sweet brown wifey 😍

    I am not into cuckolding. I love my 20yo wife very much. I like to show off her dashing beauty. It kinda turns me on. Thats all. Your positive comments will encourage me to give regular updates 😎 N.B: We are from Indian sub-continent. A glimps of my love in the pix😘
  8. W

    Exposing the Slut!

    If you can caption please do. I want it to be degrading!
  9. T

    BBC looking for Hijabis and brown women

    Love hijabis,indians,bengalis,pakistanis and arab wives don’t be afraid to PM me if your based in UK and fit the above
  10. T

    Young BBC London

    As my bio says i’m pretty much only interested in south asian women meaning paki,bengali, indian but also arab and hijabi women. Hoping to meet single women or couples looking for black guys in or around london
  11. T

    BBC looking for Pakistani,Indian,Bengali,Arab women or couples

    Looking for south Asians or brown women in general in or around London. Hope to have some fun with discreet friendly meetups
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  15. COMMENT she didn’t even know I was recording

    COMMENT she didn’t even know I was recording

  16. COMMENT what would you do if you woke up as her boyfriend

    COMMENT what would you do if you woke up as her boyfriend

  17. J

    Please help Tribute my Indian wife’s Face

    My indian married wife likes
  18. MasalaMadness

    First Teasing Hotwife Experience

    So I had my first real "hotwife experience" that I wanted to share - We are an Indian couple and I joined my husband on a work related travel this week. There was a nightclub in town that hosts Indian (Desi) events and this one was hosting a "diwali night." My hubby made me dress up in a green...
  19. C

    Accidental cuckold

    Hi! I'm not entirely sure if this is the right place for this, or if it technically counts as a cuckold or not? (Given that I am on this site, it probably is, lol) Me and my girlfriend are white British. She cheated on me with an Indian dude a couple of years into our relationship. I don't see...
  20. COMMENT help me share her around

    COMMENT help me share her around

    Help me share her around. Share this picture somewhere then send me the link, then I’ll send you more to share.