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    Need some help persuading my gf

    So I really wanna watch my gf get fucked by her first big cock I’m talking on the minimal 8” to 10” thick manly dick she’s never had anything near that. And I’m bed when we play I bring it up about how much it pleases me the thought of her get fucked real good. But she gets all out of the mood...
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    Share videos of your wife being naughty

    Share any video of your wife/gf being naughty. It can be sucking cock, getting fucked, or being a bad girl.
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    Groping,slut clothes,sharing gf

    okay,my gf is 20 pettite and loves to be gangbanged or to take a lot of cocks in all her holes,we never done something like that but we want to,we was thinking to start slowly first by dressing her like a slut and go in public(short skirt with no panties,candid,shorts with ass cheeks out and...