1. M

    My GF [18] cheated on me

    My girlfriend cheated on me on vacation with black people. She came back with a fleeting queen of spades tattoo (I didn't know what it was). it excites me a lot !
  2. Screenshot_20210209-175353.png


    Girlfriend changing in car.
  3. Flanter23

    How I realised I was a cuck

    To start with she had been flirting with an ex sending nudes to people from back home, she'd been arranging to meet when she went back to her home town for a family wedding. I was logged into her Facebook and WhatsApp, and her SC pass, so I was watching live when she spoke to them. She had...
  4. M

    Girlfriend sharing

    Hello, im new here. I havent done anything, but i get so hard thinking about someone fucking my ex girlfriend. We still keep in touch and fuck once in a while. Im 14cm and not that into humiliation but I would love to hear how better some big cock felt in her pussy and how deeper it went. She...
  5. video_2020-06-30_18-11-27.mp4


    Jumping on my cock!!!
  6. WantHerUsed

    My Girlfriend Lisa

    Figured I'd post her better pictures since I've been asked by a few people already. She texts me these all the time and has only ever said "My face isn't showing, so unless someone can indentify me by my tits, then oh well ;) " Plus I love the idea that other guys are getting hard to her tits...
  7. Girlfriend Sucking Cock Again

    Girlfriend Sucking Cock Again

    Girlfriend Sucking Cock Again
  8. C


  9. C


  10. W

    Tribute my GF Rachel

    Young sexy gf deserves a lot of cock.
  11. Ads37

    Alexis loves fucking my college friends

  12. Stacy 22y strip at friends 3.jpg

    Stacy 22y strip at friends 3.jpg

    Stacy strips at the new guys house
  13. btweets

    Is that her??

    Has anyone else found or seen your wife, fiancé or gf whether in the past or present, naked, flashing, sucking or fucking someone on any porn sites?
  14. L

    Any of wife or girlfriends soles? Or even nude pics with feet in?

    Any of wife or girlfriends soles? Or even nude pics with feet in?
  15. L

    Any of wife or gfs sexy feet?

  16. G

    Should I revive a schoolgirl on girl experiment?

    Recently we had my best friend since schooldays and her husband round for a few drinks, she's known since it started that I fuck my husband's best friend while he watches. Us girls had a bit too much to drink and when my friend suggested our husbands moved seats no one complained. Her husband...
  17. R

    1st Gf that cheated on me

    Yes, she one of them in the group photo too. No, none of those guys are me...
  18. 4HBRxQBA.jpg


    Jessy and me
  19. H

    Rate her i say 7

  20. WineNot

    30-something Couple seeking male - SF Bay Area

    We're a couple in North SF Bay Area, and have been swinging for about 2-3 years now. Seeking a guy (30-40ish) in the area to share my gf. We prefer longer term connections, someone we/she can grab drinks with. She also prefers me to be involved for support, especially the first few times. We're...