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    Shes gettimg closer ;)

    Good morning, afternoon or evening. Ill start off with this statement, I'm so lucky and my GF is absolutely gorgeous and oozes sexuality. She's 48yrs, spent all her life as a vegetarian which i believe is the reason she shows almost no signs of aging on her skin. She's such a prim proper...
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    So beautiful
  4. 17


  5. Gorgeous


    My delicious brazilian wife
  6. busty wife fucking.mp4

    busty wife fucking.mp4

    gorgeous lady
  7. Beautiful Wife

    Beautiful Wife

  8. Beautiful Wife

    Beautiful Wife

  9. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Sneak peek under her dress.

    She loves showing off what’s under her dress, she looks sexy in whatever underwear she wears, even sexier in none 👅🥰 but here’s a sneak peek 😍
  10. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Sexy summer dress.

    The warm weather adds dresses to the mix of clothes Ali looks absolutely divine in. She tends to wear as less as possible when the sun comes out.
  11. Purple Dildo. Beautiful pussy Fucked.

    Purple Dildo. Beautiful pussy Fucked.

    She finds it an expressive release of loving energy playing with herself. She loves it just as much as taking a big cock. I can’t help but be in complete awe of her.
  12. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Ali fucking her toys.

    The community on here is such a wonderful space to be in, every day, myself and Ali get messages asking to see her play with herself, fuck her toys. Fuck me. So I think we should open up for the people who adore and react to her content. So I’ll start a poll and see how well received it is and...
  13. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Would you fuck her in her comfy hoodie?

    She wants to know would you all still fuck her in her comfy after work hoodie?? 😍🥰
  14. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Fresh out the shower.

    Baby girl fresh out the shower. The only thing she enjoys more than doing me, is showering lol.
  15. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Saturday night shenanigans.

    She said she wanted us to stay at her home this evening. I guess looking absolutely divine like this, I have no complaints with staying at her place. Saturday evening shenanigans in full force. Who else wants to spend their evening with her?
  16. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    After Work Energy Exchange.

    She always likes to remove our clothes and chill after work. She says it removes the negative energy of the day with our bodies being close and exchanging loving energy. I couldn’t agree more. Any excuse to be in her presence.
  17. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Tribute & Caption Girlfriend.

    We’ve been in active, she says that’s to change. On her request, she asked me to share for you all. I had to oblige, she is after all the boss.