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    Love to see Tribs and Captions of my wife

    She is shared and loves being with much bigger guys. I dont get to really be with her anymore i mostly just jerk off and watch
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  5. myslut714

    Show Off Your Wife In Stockings!!!

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    New member, North East UK Wife

    North East UK Wife, hoping to get her into the sharing lifestyle. Have posted her pics for a while now (not this site) and she likes to read all the comments she gets send by hung guys telling her what they would like to do to her. Also likes receiving tribute pics and seeing how hard she makes...
  10. Angelina S.

    Sexy Outfits

    Which outfits worn by your wife or girlfriend have excited you the most? Share the ones that drove you wild. Please show us how excited they got YOU by posting a tribute. The outfit with the most squirts wins. Remember an outfit can be just a pair of wicked shoes.
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