1. C

    Newbie here!

    Hi there, I'm a 25 year old guy from the U.K. I'm in a 5 year relationship with my girlfriend (also 25)
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    That time I had sex with a young guy who was getting married in the afternoon. I pushed the vice and he fucked me while I was wearing the wedding ring of his future wife
  3. slutrocknroll homewrecker

    slutrocknroll homewrecker

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  4. Slutrocknroll 008 mag.jpg

    Slutrocknroll 008 mag.jpg

    Made by a Friend. Thank you 💖.
  5. Slutrocknroll


    Tops for the delivery man....
  6. Slutrocknroll 0006a.jpg

    Slutrocknroll 0006a.jpg

    Hope you enjoy 😘
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    Slutrocknroll 005 eposed.jpg

    I think my married fat slutty ass was made to serve as cum bag for bbc and married men
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    This young man was brought to me in a wedding suit by some regulars. His buddies introduced him so he knew what it was like to fuck a real big ass bitch. I have no doubt that he thought of my fat ass and especially when I emptied his balls with my mouth and let his cum drip onto his wife's wedding r
  10. Don't pull out!

    Don't pull out!

    My husband’s married friend had a new hobby. Filling my cheating pussy with cum from his big latino cock. I love sending him home with empty balls to his bitch wife.
  11. Married pussy!

    Married pussy!

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  12. PatWithWings

    Condition of entry for any future extra man

    The most recent of my wife's lovers lasted for several years, and the intensity of the situation was often wildly intoxicating. The man, however, ultimately proved to be a manipulative and selfish bastard who tried his best to get my wife to leave me (although I don't believe he had any...